Where to Stay in Ios: 5 Best Areas

Where to stay in Ios

Are you wondering where to stay in Ios? This guide is for you!! We’ve detailed the best places to stay in Ios. Keep reading!!

Ios is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea and part of the Cyclades group. Thanks to its clean beaches, gorgeous views, and traditional whitewashed architecture, the island of Ios is nothing short of the perfect Grecian getaway. 

With over 30 beaches, fascinating historic sights and a nightlife scene to rival that of Mykonos, you’re sure to find something for every visitor on the island of Ios.

Where to stay in Ios: 5 Best Areas

Here we list our top places to stay in Ios:

1. Chora, where to stay in Ios for nightlife

Best places to stay in Ios Chora

Chora is the capital of Ios and the largest settlement on the island. Nestled between two windmill-dotted hills, the modern town sits atop the ancient ruins of the original polis or city-state. 

Today Chora is a lively hub of local and tourist activity, with plenty to do and see during your stay in Ios.

With its sun-washed buildings and brilliant blue rooftops and domes, the architecture of Chora is the quintessential example of classic Cycladic design. 

There are over 25 churches to be found in the main town alone, the most famous being the church of Panagia Gremiotissa. 

As there are few roads to be found in Chora, visitors and locals alike make use of the ascending stairs leading to various street levels, neighborhoods, and sights.

There are plenty of shops, cafes, bars, and tavernas to enjoy in Chora, with sundown bringing up the club lights. While Chora is relatively quiet during the day, prepare to party by nightfall!

Architectural and cultural enthusiasts alike won’t want to miss the open-air Odysseas Elytis theater, designed by Peter Haupt of the University of Berlin in 1997. 

The Grecian-inspired marble amphitheater sits high in the hills above Chora and continues to host concerts, theatrical performances, and other events between May and September. 

Guests are invited to tour the theater and grounds year-round and take full advantage of the spectacular view.

Another point of interest–especially for history devotees–is the tomb of the ancient poet & scholar Homer, author of The Odyssey and Iliad and whose mother was from Ios. The plaque above his tomb reads: “Here is covered in the ground the holy head of the maker of heroes divine Homer.” 

Located about 8 miles northeast of Chora, the tomb is nestled in a fertile valley studded with olive groves and vineyards, with stunning views of the Aegean Sea beyond.

Chora boasts all styles of accommodation, from self-catering apartments to luxury villas, as well as standard hotels and hostels.


2. Yialos Beach, where to stay in Ios for families

Yialos Beach Ios

Situated beside the port of Ios, Yialos (alternately called Gialos) is a small seaside settlement and picturesque tourist attraction

With its sandy, tree-shaded beaches, cliffs dotted with some white-washed villas, and pristine views of the Aegean, Yialos is an idyllic location for visitors looking for a more peaceful place to stay in Ios.

Thanks to its many amenities, Yialos is an extremely convenient beach locale, particularly for families. 

Onsite restrooms and showering facilities, as well as umbrella & sunbed rentals, ensure a hassle-free day by the sea, while the nearby bars, cafes, snack vendors, mini markets, and tavernas ensure delicious refreshment whenever you want. 

Visitors can also look into diving, water skiing, and windsurfing lessons, or rent equipment independently.

There are several hidden treasures to explore around Yialos beach, such as the glistening white church of Agia Irini, which can be reached via a path leading from the port of Ormos. Constructed in the 17th century, the church is a dazzling example of Cycladic architecture.

Due to its proximity to Chora, it is a great place to stay in Ios to enjoy the beach during the day, and nightlife once it gets dark.

There are quite a few beachfront and port-view lodgings to consider should you wish to stay in the quieter Yialos beach area, from hotels to private villa rentals.


Where to stay in Mylopotas

There may be nearly 30 beaches on the island of Ios, but Mylopotas is by far the most popular thanks to its nearly mile-long stretch of paradisiacal beach. 

Just a little over a mile from Chora, Mylopotas beach is famed for its golden sands, clear blue waters, and all the amenities one could wish for during their stay in Ios. 

Beach clubs, restaurants, and lounges line beach walk, with a nearby scuba diving center and sports rental facility, and visitors are invited to take advantage of the many guided water activities on offer. 

Romantic sunset boat tours are also available, along with special excursion & dining packages to make the most of your day. 

Guests can additionally rent sunbeds and umbrellas, with several cabanas allowing free use of their spaces with a drink purchase.

It’s worth noting that there is a convenient (and air-conditioned!) bus that runs every 20 minutes between Chora and Mylopotas Beach, at just under 2 euros, which operates year-round.

Due to its close proximity to Chora and visitor popularity, there are some excelent hotels situated along the Mylopotas beachfront, as well as the nearby port. 

If you are looking to stay in a trendier and more tourist-friendly locale during your stay in Ios, Mylopotas is the beach for you.


4. Manganari Beach, where to stay in Ios for relax

Manganari, Ios

Manganari Beach actually consists of several interconnected bays located about 14 miles from Chora. 

With unmatched views of the Aegean Sea and surrounding landscape and serene day-to-day pace, it’s no wonder many travelers prefer the natural sanctuary of Manganari.

Ideal for young children and novice swimmers thanks to its manageable tides and shallow waters. Manganari is also a consistent winner of eco-friendly honors such as the Blue Flag awards due to its spotless cleanliness and working harmony with the environment. 

Should you find yourself in Manganari during your stay in Ios, make sure to pay a visit to the neighboring goat herds that graze in the meadows along the sea (just keep a respectful distance!)

Visitors to Manganari Beach will find several traditional Greek tavernas as well as more continental and bar fare. 

Showering facilities, changing cabins, restrooms, and beach rentals are all available, along with special souvenir shops and locally owned boutiques. 

Guests can also choose to stay in one of the few hotels or guesthouses located along the beach and scenic inland.

Manganari Beach can be reached by bus from Chora or Mylopotas, as well as via the local port.


5. Agia Theodoti, where to stay in Ios for a secluded vacation

Where to stay in Ios: Agia Theodoti

This seaside settlement was officially recognized by and included in the island of Ios in 1971, and by the 1980s had grown into a popular–if low-key–tourist destination. 

Located approximately 8 miles from Chora, Agia Theodoti is renowned for its unspoiled beach, postcard views, and relaxing atmosphere.

The beach and surrounding sea of Agia Theodoti is often compared to a natural swimming pool, thanks to its clean pebbly sands and calm, clear waters accented by Mediterranean vegetation. 

With sparse crowds and a number of amenities such as rental kiosks and tavernas, Agia Theodoti beach is perfect for solo travelers, families, or couples looking for a more intimate setting.

The homonymous church of Agia Theodoti, erected 500 years ago on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo, is a much-recommended excursion, with the remains of a Hellenistic tower and aqueduct a nearby bonus.

There are only a few private rentals in and along the beach of Agia Theodoti, which offer a decidedly quieter experience in comparison to the more bustling seaside hubs.


Traveler’s Tip: Know Before You Go

As with most of the Greek Islands, visitors are encouraged to rent a car during their stay in Ios. 

While there are several reliable bus services that run between the major beaches and towns, off-season timetable changes and unexpected delays can put a definite cramp in your itinerary. 

Car rental services are affordable and relatively hassle-free, allowing you to make the very most of your stay in Ios.

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