Where to Stay in Ibiza: 10 Best Areas

Where to stay in Ibiza

Ibiza has justifiably gained an unrivaled reputation for the best nightlife . On the coasts you have seemingly never ending sun soaked beaches, while in the interior are beautiful vistas and landscapes. One significant advantage for visitors is that there is no shortage of attractive options for where to stay in Ibiza.

It boasts its own rich indigenous culture that merges classic Spanish elements with its own homegrown island traditions. 

The enduring beauty of the island is so astounding that the classic film South Pacific was filmed in the northern part. For nature lovers, this is one of the best places to stay in Ibiza.

Most visitors these days come to Ibiza for its legendary nightlife that pulses and pounds in the summer months from May to September-October. Deejays from across the globe come to participate in this one of a kind scene and compete to be the best.

Enormous numbers of club goers (even 5,000 individuals in a single super club venue is common) fill the island to dance to what is billed as among the most famous dance music in the world.

Yet the paradox is that Ibiza also is the home of calmer beaches, yoga retreats, and quiet villages. There is no shortage of sandy coves that adjoin with hills covered in pine trees around the island’s breathtaking coastlines.

The island towns are a treat to wander through, constantly humming with vitality and excitement. A few of the bigger towns such as San Antonio de Portmany and Santa Eularia have been outfitted with plenty of facilities and infrastructure for the tourists.

The island capital Ibiza Town serves up a more authentic slice of island life. Its old town center and charms are UNESCO world heritage recognized and not to be missed.

The island’s restaurants offer all kinds of cuisine, ranging from traditional Balearic Spanish drink and food beloved by the local inhabitants to experimental fusion types of cooking.

The biggest dilemma in coming here is to figure out which are the best areas to stay in Ibiza. Fortunately for readers, I cover this need extensively.

I have visited the island several times and stayed in different places such as Playa d´en Bossa (very expensive), San Antonio (cheap and quite pleasant) and Portinatx (my favourite area for beach holidayas). In this post I look at the best areas to stay in Ibiza next.

Where to stay in Ibiza: 10 Best Places to Stay in Ibiza

Different parts of the island offer a varying pace of excitement. Others appeal more to singles and couples than to families with children. Here I consider the towns and villages that, in my opinion, are the best choices to stay in Ibiza.

1. Ibiza Town, where to stay in Ibiza for sightseeing

Best Places to Stay in Ibiza

If you are a first time visitor to this island, then Ibiza Town is the best place where to stay in Ibiza. This is because this settlement is the primary city on the island. To some it appears a little quiet, but this is only on the surface. The capital is both fun and lively. It also offers you the authentic Ibiza.

A significant appeal to the town is that it has carefully maintained its original historical sites. The narrow streets give it plenty of old world European charm that you simply do not see on other parts of Ibiza.

It helps to explain why Ibiza Town is a deserving UNESCO World Heritage site. The Dalt Vila is the name of the old town sitting atop the hill.

While in Ibiza Ciudad, you do not want to miss climbing up the hill to see the original Old Town. The Cathedral de San Maria, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Madina Yabisa Interpretation Centre, are well worth visiting as well in Dalt Vila.

Don´t miss the ancient Unesco-protected Puig des Molins necropolis and its archeological museum.

Wind your way up through cobbled lanes lined with boutiques, cafes, art galleries. You’ll find glamorous buys around Marina Botafoch and shops and market stalls with bohemian treasures, crafts, jewellery, designer clothes, and souvenirs along the bustling streets

Food lovers will appreciate the city for its hideaway restaurants and cafes bursting with Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine.

Lovers of party clubs will find the original super club of Ibiza called Pacha in Ibiza Town. This legendary locale opened in 1973 and still holds its own with the newer establishments around the island. Dee-jays performing here include first rate names such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Alesso.

Other great clubs located here are Lio and Club Chinois.

Talamanca Beach, Cala Figueretes and Playa d´en Bossa are close enough to enjoy a day in the sand and sun.

One of the reasons this is among the best places to stay in Ibiza is that the city offers a   , from a hostel to budget, mid-range, and high end hotels.


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2. Playa d´en Bossa, best place to stay in Ibiza for nightlife

Best places to stay in Ibiza: Platja d´en Bossa

This is the best of the areas to stay in Ibiza for those who like to party hard. Playa d´en Bossa lies a quick drive to the south of the Town of Ibiza. Besides being famous for party clubs, it also boasts the longest running expanse of white sandy beach on the island.

This explains how so many bars and clubs became established in the town. Many of these are now the most famous party clubs on the island.

Here you will find the largest outdoor super club Ushuaïa. By day the pool is a tantalizing draw, while in the evening among the top named Dee-jays on the planet perform here. Other great clubs not to miss are Hi Ibiza, Octan, DC10, and SWAG

After the day party clubs have closed up, the night time clubs begin to rock this town as only Ibiza clubs can. The appeal to booking a room in Playa d´en Bossa is that it makes it easy to sleep after an exhausting all night revelry in the dance clubs.

Besides the dancing scene, Playa d´en Bossa offers a good water sports selection including jet ski, catamaran, and stand up paddle rentals.

The biggest sandy beach on the island means that you will not lack space to stretch out here as you enjoy some of the calmer music from the nearby (on the beach) clubs by day.

There are not any hostels in this town, but it does offer you a range of budget priced to mid-ranged hotels.


3. Cala Talamanca, where to stay in Ibiza in a quiet beach close to Ibiza Town

Where to stay in Ibiza: Cala Talamanca

The appeal to Cala Talamanca is that the little resort offers relaxation in a paradise setting, yet it is conveniently located near some of the island’s best action. Cala Talamanca lies a mere two kilometers from the town center of Ibiza Town.

It is even a short walk to hot spots like super club Pacha and the Marina Botafoch. This helps the beach makeup to be more international than you would otherwise expect.

The sandy stretch is long and curving, as if it exists within in its own world. The sandy shelves in this clear bit of water provide for safe swimming and bathing for families with children.

Another appeal to the town and beach is the wooden boardwalk that stretches the whole length of Talamanca beach. This means that you do not have to burn your feet on the painfully hot beach sand.

At the far side of the bay, this boardwalk turns into a beautiful promenade so that you are well connected to both side of the resort town.

The promenade offers a great selection of restaurants and bars. Because some of these remain open all year long, Cala Talamanca is also a popular winter months locale. Visitors and locals enjoy walking along the bay and partaking of lunches in the warming winter sun.

The resort is more geared towards adults, though it still remains family friendly enough. Beach facilities are constructed more with adults in mind.

The bars play their music, but it is not so loud on the beach. As you get farther from the little resort town, the beach can be surprisingly quiet.

The majority of Cala Talamanca hotels lie close to the sea. They provide incredible vista of Ibiza’s old town that is easiest to see when the back lights come on after dark. Some of the hotels in this town remain open all the year long too.

There is a five star hotel here right on the beach. You can also choose from villas that are self catering, ideal if you bring your family and children.


4. San Antonio, where to stay in Ibiza on a budget

Where to stay in Ibiza: San Antonio

San Antonio is one of two key settlements on the island of Ibiza. It lies along the west coast. You can get to it easily by taking a taxi or bus from either Ibiza Ciudad or the airport.

Visitors here like that it provides less expensive accommodation than does the island’s south. This makes it an ideal base for backpackers and budget minded individuals traveling in Ibiza.

The city itself hosts several iconic hot spots renowned throughout the island. At Cafe del Mar or Cafe Mambo (both located in the popular Sunset Strip) you can relax to ambient music while you dine and watch the sun go down. Ibiza Rocks boasts among the wildest pool parties in Ibiza.

At night, be ready to enjoy San Antonio´s legendary nightlife. Head to the West End full of bars, sports bars, club bars, and clubs, or dance the night out in any of the mega clubs such as Eden and Es Paradis.

During the day, San Antonio offers a calmer fare of a beautiful expanse of a white sandy beach.

There are not many sights in San Antonio but do pop into San Antonio´s church, visit the Aquarium Cap Blanc, and walk along Sant Antonio Promenade.

Some of the best things to do here include lying on the beach by day and enjoying a drink in front of the legendary Ibiza sunset. You can choose to make a wild day out of Ibiza Rocks or simply take in a calm meal to ambient music at Cafe del Mar.

Nearby you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza such as Cala BassaCala ComteCala Saladeta, or Cala Tarida..

For budget minded travelers, San Antonio is where to stay in Ibiza. The town hosts one of a very few hostels found on the entire island. There are also choices of budget level to mid-range hotels offered here.


5. Cala Tarida, quiet beach resort

Cala Tarida Ibiza

Cala Tarida is more of a family oriented place to stay. The little resort nestles on a sheltered bay and offers both the widest and longest expanse of white sandy beach on its side of Ibiza.

Its clear waters swirl over a shallow sandy bottom on one side, making it a great place for families to sunbathe and swim.

This combination of shallow sand on one side and rockier, deeper water on the other creates a unique combination of emerald green, azure blue, and turquoise colored waters.

Off of the beach here are hills that include a hotel club ideal for families. The resort features enough shops to buy seawater essentials like snorkel equipment and inflatables for all members of the family. You can even find solitude in coves to the north of the beach.

Cala Tarida provides several restaurants and beach bars fronting the water on the beach itself. They offer enough variety for you to chose even a three course meal if you so desire.

The wealthy and famous visitors to Ibiza love the Cotton Beach Club. There are also popular places such as beachfront Ses Eufabies.

For places to stay in Ibiza in this area, Cala Tarida has the large hotel club as well as a number of rental apartments and even holiday villas close by.


6. Santa Eulalia, best place to stay in Ibiza for families

Where to stay in Ibiza: Santa Eulalia

This is the best place for families among the areas to stay in Ibiza. Santa Eulalia earned its reputation as a quieter resort town than most other locales in Ibiza. This is why parents bringing kids to the island will really appreciate what it has to offer.

As such, Santa Eulalia remains the third biggest of the resort enclaves on Ibiza. It boasts a range of accommodation choices to suit all types. The resorts here come with large swimming pools that occasionally include slides and children’s play areas as well.

Outside of the hotel play lands, the town offers a gorgeous white sandy beach with crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is an ideal beach for building up sand castles with your children.

The coastline around Santa Eulalia is worth exploring with great beaches such ase Cala Llonga, Cala Leña, Cala Martina, s´Argamassa, Cala Nova and Es Caná.

Evenings invite you to take a walk along the palm tree fringed promenade. Restaurants here are both numerous and excellent. A few of them offer the best food to be had on the island. The restaurants here specialize in authentic Ibiza cuisine.

Climb to the 16th-Century Fortress-Chuch Puig de Missa, visit the Ethnographic Museum to learn about the cultural history and human development of Ibiza, take a walk along its large and exclusive marina, buy unique souvenirs in its small art galleries and craft shops or in Las Dalias and Punta Arabi hippy markets.


7. Cala Llonga, where to stay in Ibiza in a family oriented beach resort

Where to stay in Ibiza: Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga is another resort where both families and children will feel welcome. They have restaurants, accommodations, and beach activities that are oriented for offering families a terrific holiday. What adds to its charms as a place to stay is that also appeals to couples.

The Cala Llonga beach is among the largest on Ibiza. It extends 200 meters long and is also 100 meters wide.

Thanks to all of this space here, there is room for a kids’ activities area. This includes a small amusement park with trampolines, and other attractions as well as a playground. The snack bars and never ending cafes appeal to the tastes of younger visitors too.

You can also take advantage of the diving school here or play a game of beach volleyball that is always popular at this sandy locale.

The beach and all of its many amenities is why Cala Llonga works as a place to stay for all types of visitors with varying interests.

Accommodation here favor families with children, and the resort is a primary place to stay. Besides this, there are also smaller hotels and an abundance of rental apartments. The majority of these lie only a few meters off of the beach.


8. Es Canar, coolest place to stay in Ibiza

Where to stay in Ibiza: Es Canar

Es Canar may be a small resort, but it offers friendly locals and a surprising variety of things to do for its size. The beach is a pleasant crescent shape, and authentic fishing boats populate the little harbor.

A little range of restaurants and bars offer plenty to eat and drink too. There is a famous hippy market held every week called Punta Arabi.

The resort lies on the eastern coast of Ibiza and caters to both more relaxed and livelier types of holidays (thanks to the bars on the water’s edge).

Water sports and activities help to make this a good choice for outdoors active visitors. You are able to parasail, water ski, and windsurf in Es Canar.

The surrounding beaches’ unspoiled condition (lying in walking distance too) and clear beautiful water is another draw that keeps bringing back tourists year after year.

A short stroll or a short drive takes you to peaceful and beautiful beaches such as Cala Pada, S´Argamassa, Cala Martina, Cala Nova and Cala Lena.

Accommodation here varies from apartments to hotels that are affordably priced and conveniently located. Entertainment options in the evening range from relaxing lounge types of bars to livelier pubs.


9. Portinatx, where to stay in Ibiza for couples

Cala Portinatx Ibiza

Another great self contained resort in Ibiza is Portinatx. The appeal to this locale is its incomparable scenery and perfectly clear water. Portinatx lies to the north of the island.

It has several claims to fame. The resort town boasts three fabulous beaches— the largest S’Arenal Gros, Playa Porto Beach, and a more secluded S’Arenal Petit.

All of the beaches here offer restaurants, bars, and sun beds. They area also conveniently located a short walk from the various accommodations.

Visitors find Portinatx to be among the finest of resorts to personally interact with Ibiza’s stunning beauty.

Scuba divers and snorkelers love its perfectly clear water. You can enjoy a leisurely ride by a little ferry boat down to San Antonio and Puerto de San Miguel.

There is the highest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands to walk up to in the town as well, along with several other breathtaking nature walks to enjoy.

Portinatx is not ideally located for those who want to go clubbing every night. With regular bus connections to Ibiza Town though, you can still see the island’s best sights and take in a night club.

Families love how well suited Portinatx is for them. The restaurants and bars cater to families, while the water here is shallow and safe. There are plenty of family friendly apartments and hotels here for accommodation choices as well.

Besides this, families can try out a holiday villa that enables self catering. Something about this little resort makes it feel calm and intimate.

A final endorsement for Portinatx is that it was chosen to be the filming location for the internationally beloved film classic South Pacific (though it is on a Mediterranean island). It is a testament to the world class scenery, landscape, and nature in this lovely part of Ibiza that is simply too beautiful to miss.

It also offers some nightlife in the form of the pubs and bars that provide dance floors after the sun sets. Here you will not be overwhelmed by thousands of die hard club goers.


10. San Carlos, where to stay in Ibiza in an authentic Ibiza village

Best areas to stay in Ibiza

For nature lovers who are more interested in experiencing an authentic Ibiza village with a twist there is San Carlos. This little village is found inland, reasonably far away from the night clubs and wilder party scene of the coast.

This village became popular back int he 1960’s and 1970’s as the hippy set spent their holidays all over the village. Even though the hippies are mostly gone today, the village still provides an interesting Bohemian atmosphere unique to the entire island of Ibiza.

One legendary hang out location in the village is Anita’s Bar. This has been the be seen spot for decades now. Originally it was the only place in the village that provided a public telephone. It also offered mail service collection, still reflected in the preserved wooden mailboxes that are even in use today.

Local artists showcase their wares in the Las Dalias market just outside of San Carlos. Here you will find hand crafted jewelry, fashions, leather goods, and paintings produced by the locals and the remaining hippies.

The market is worth several hours of your time if you want to relax and enjoy a cool drink on a hot summer day. You might also enjoy a hike up to the Aquas Blanca Beach.

Accommodation in the small village is less readily available. Prices for staying overnight are higher than the typical costs in Ibiza as a result. This is evidenced by the lack of a mid-range priced hotel in the village.


FAQs about the best places to stay in Ibiza

What is the best area to stay in Ibiza?

The best area to stay in Ibiza is the north if you are looking for peace and quiet (Portinatx is ideal), and the south if you are looking for atmosphere and nightlife (Ibiza town and Playa d’en Bossa are perfect).

Where to stay in Ibiza without a car?

Ibiza town is the best area to stay in Ibiza if you are not going to have a car. It is the island’s best-connected and central public transport hub.

Where to stay in Ibiza for nightlife?

Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza Town and San Antonio are the most lively places.

Where to stay in Ibiza for families?

An excellent area to stay in Ibiza for families is Santa Eulalia. Other good options include Portinatx, Cala San Vicente, Cala Tarida, Cala Llonga, and Es Canar.

Where to stay in Ibiza as a couple?

My vote goes to Portinatx. Its beaches, nature and tranquillity (without lacking anything) are ideal for a couple’s holiday.

Where to stay in Ibiza if you are looking for sun, beach and relaxation?

Without a doubt, Portinatx is the best option. Other good areas are Cala Llonga, Cala Tarida and Cala San Vicente.

Where is the best area of Ibiza to stay in winter?

In winter, the best place to stay in Ibiza is Ibiza Town.


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55 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Ibiza: 10 Best Areas”

  1. Where is the best place to rent a villa with 16 year old girls, too young for the clubs but old enough to want to go out safely and independently? Adults would also like a bit of authentic Ibiza. Will have a car. Thanks

    • Hi Lorraine. Playa d´en Bossa is a good option. It has a young and vibrant atmosphere, with great nightlife and Ibiza Town (great for sightseeing, shopping, and dining) is very close.

  2. Me and my husband (ages 55 & 54) are trying to find the best place for partying and quiet relaxing… still 21 in our heads! We are trying to find a party area but not just the very young, and a hotel that is adult only but fairly quiet (not full of post party screeching)! Keep wavering on area as Playa d’en Bossa sounds great but would it be suitable for us? Many thanks!

    • Hi Pia. Yes. Playa d´en Bossa is a great camp base from where explore the island and enjoy day and night. Just choose carefully your hotel. Renting a car will give you the freedom to enjoy other areas/beaches at your own pace.

    • PDB has really developed over the years, there are some superb high class beach bar restaurants ( Nassau , Beachouse, Tannit etc. ) and there’s some new developments on the front ( Dunes, Mumak etc. ) Thankfully, Bora Bora has now gone, it’s best days were very much behind it, the new development will be another improvement in the area.

      Great location , short taxi ride from the airport ( don’t bother with a transfer) and a short bus ride to Ibiza Town / Dalt Villa.

      Club wise, you’ve got the monsters Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza on your doorstep, DC10 just down the road , and Pacha in Ibiza town by bus.

      We stay at Hard Rock Ibiza , great place, not much more expensive than ‘regular’ hotels, great mix of clientele . PDB is a great location to enjoy Ibiza from.

      For reference , I’ve been to Ibiza nearly 20 times , clubs , bars, beaches , the lot. Hopefully this helps!

  3. Hello
    I am going to Ibiza only for 3 nights to party and enjoy beaches early June. I am hesitating to stay in Playa d’en Bossa, San Antonia or Ibiza town/port.
    We don’t really like the large resort vibes, more boutique hotel/authentic and unic places. Also don’t want to be too far from major nightclubs/party events. Any suggestion on best place to stay?

    • Hi Sarah. All three destinations can provide what you are looking for. Just choose carefully your hotel. Personally I would stay in Playa d´en Bossa (in a quiet hotel, not in a party-hotel).

  4. Hi we are a group of 6 ladies looking to stay for 4 nights could you recommend the best place to stay for us thanks

    • Hi Julie. Playa d´en Bossa is a great camp base. Best advice is rent a car and discover the island.

  5. Hi! We are looking to come to ibiza in May. We are a young couple with a 1 year old little girl. We are looking for relaxation, beautiful scenery, shopping and nice restaurants/cafés and are happy to hire a car. Where would you recommend?

    • Hi Kate. Santa Eulalia is a great choice for families with kids. It has all you are looking for.

  6. So happy that I found you here. After reading all the 10 areas you introduced, I actually want to go to them all. Though I have been to Playa d´en Bossa TWICE but for a long weekend, because I was told it was the best place in Ibiza to stay. However it was almost like 8 years ago when we could go party and travel by taxi to the Club Pacha & Amnesia until 6 or 7 in the morning.

    This May we are planning to visit Ibiza again, with my sister and her family, basically with two aged 10 & 12 year boys for a 4-day weekend. We are having difficulties to decide where to stay. Somewhere kids friendly but still can enjoy a bit night life and the lively vibe of Ibiza is famous for,though it’s mid May, not yet as crazy as summer I think.

    Another thing I am not sure is the weather condition in Mid May, will it be warm enough for water activities?

    • Hi Tanya. All areas in Ibiza are kids friendly if you choose the right hotel. If you are looking for a place a bit quieter than Playa d´en Bossa but close to nightlife I would go for Cala Talamanca. If you rent a car then Santa Eulalia is a nice area for families. Water is warm enough for water activities (maybe for some a bit cold the first seconds but you will adapt very fast and enjoy it)

  7. Hi, we are planning a trip to Ibiza in early-mid May, never been to this island so not quite sure which area to book. We will not be going to any clubs, so somewhere that is not too loud but still with lots of bars and restaurants to choose from, nice beaches as well and most importantly we would be interested in exploring the island and will depend on public transport- so being in a place with busses to other parts of the island is very important! Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Erika. The main transport hub is Ibiza Town. From there you can reach in a few minutes beaches such as Playa d´en Bossa and Talamanca or take buses to more distant areas. Other nice choice is Santa Eulalia (also well connected by public transport).

  8. Many thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, your responses have really help me choose the best area for me and partner age 50 not into clubs but like music and bars occasionally, love shopping, sightseeing, we will have no car – so I’m thinking either Playa En Bossa or Ibiza Town as we have never been to Ibiza!

  9. Hiya, We are visiting for a wedding in early April held somewhere between Es Canar and San Carlo. We are two adults and two kids. We love exploring and will hire a car most likely as we will be there for 2 weeks. I have seen a deal on a hotel in Es Figueral, which doesn’t look too far away from the wedding area so was going to just book that as our base, but it looks like there isnt much there really. It doesn’t matter so much in day as we will be out and about or in the hotel pool, but we’d love to be able to walk from our hotel out to some nice restaurants and watch the kids play in the square etc. Any other suggestions? We are on a bit of a budget so nothing too fancy!

    • Hi Boo. Indeed, that area is very quiet. If I am not mistaken there are a few play areas for kids. For nice restaurants you will have to drive to Portinatx or Santa Eulalia

  10. Hi
    Looking to spend 4 nights in a 4 star hotel, 2 x 50 year old ladies, want nice beach, shops, bars etc dont want it manic and full on at night like San Antonio but we want to go where there is some life at night, nice bars with music etc nice walks

    • Hi Fiona. Check Playa d´en Bossa (some areas are quite lively others more relax), Cala Talamanca or Santa Eulalia

  11. Hi

    Where’s the best places for a couple both in there thirties to stay?. Want somewhere fairly lively but don’t fancy staying in San Antonio.

  12. Hi
    Where would be the best place for a visit in October with 3 children aged 13 11 and 6. Looking for somewhere pretty with cafes and facilities open that time of year and nice beach, walks etc

  13. Wheres the best place for couples to stay that want a bit of nightlife (bars) but not the full on clubbing experience. We still want to go clubbing one night so portinax is a bit far out.

  14. Hi
    I am planning on celebrating my husbands 30th birthday mid of this May in Ibiza. Which area would you recommend ?

    We don’t want to drive/rent a car
    Are Two wheelers available to rent ?

    We love to hike, live in moderate accommodations, indulge in good veg food, experience the night life and day parties and clubbing Ibiza has to offer, watch the Sun rise and set everyday, and are non swimmers 🏊‍♀️ who would like to try some water sports.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Sravani. There are two weelers available but demand is huge. Rent well in advance. I would stay in Playa d´en Bossa and from there visit the island. There you will enjoy beach clubs with day parties and a amazing nightlife

  15. Best all around Ibiza experience? 2 best friends looking for the nicest beaches and day trips to formentera. maybe going out one or 2 nights but the most beautiful beaches is the focus of our trip.

  16. Hi there looking for a nice chilled area, close to the beach with lots of restaurants and shops. September time.

  17. I’m looking for a place to have my 40th birthday. I want luxury 8 bedroom home with a pool and a water view:) my crew will be a mixture of party people, sightseers, and beach bums. I think we would all love a pool party day with great Djs. Also would be interested in diving, fishing, and possibly even renting a yacht for the day

  18. I’m’ a 41 year old solo traveler looking for a higher end (not ultra luxury) accommodation that’s a bit more civilized and relaxing during the with close proximity to bars, clubs and nightlife. I won’t be hiring a car so would prefer an area that I can get to parties by feet or taxi.

    • Hi Alice. Your place is Playa d´en Bossa!! Great beach, beautiful people, best parties, high end hotels and resorts, and close to Ibiza Town

  19. Hi, husband and I are planning to visit Ibiza mid May for 5 nights… can you suggest which resort would be best for us. Plenty of bars and restaurants are good and a bit of sightseeing but definitely wont be visiting any clubs 🙂

    • Hi Ann. Ibiza Town is the best places for sightseeing and has plenty of bars and restaurants. Close to Ibiza Playa d´en Bossa, a great and lively beach (some areas are a quite noisy others more quiet) and Cala Talamanca, much more relaxed resort, are good options. If you hire a car check out Santa Eulalia area.

  20. Hi. Where would be best for me and my friend who want to finally “do Ibiza (partying/clubs etc) but are happy to stay a bit further out to get a slightly quieter hotel and chill time in the day?

    • Hi Katie. If you are hiring a car check out Santa Eulalia or Es Canar area. You can easily drive from there to Ibiza and Playa d´en Bossa. If not, then Cala Talamanca or Playa d´en Bossa are the best choices.

  21. I don’t know where to book for an 18 year old & 31 as I want to surprise my sister for her 31st birthday and she loves ibiza but I don’t know where to book.

    • Hi Abi. It all depends on what she likes/dislikes. I would suggest Playa d´en Bossa, Santa Eulalia or Es Cana areas. All have easy access to nice beaches and provide all sorts of services.

  22. Hi
    We are a group of 12 people turning 40. We would like a villa with private pool in a calmer area where we can play music and tour some of the island. But we also want a night at a big club and another night at a beach party. Where would be best area to stay with easy transport to the party areas if we fancy?

    • Hi Tanya. Anywhere in the south of the island. The key point is having a car to move around.

  23. where is best place in ibiza if i am looking for somewhere: near a beach, access to wild swimming, hikes available, not party side, near nice town, non family (not crowded), pretty, holistic/health/wellness?

    • Hi Lauren. I would go for Es Canar. Portinatx is also a great place for what you are looking for

      • Hi
        Couple late forties, looking to stay mid-high end luxury accommodation (not crazy high end), authentic ibiza, away from clubs, not noisy, not loud music all the time,chill music by pool or none at all, chill vibes, not pretentiousness, relaxed, lovely pool, beach, good poolbeds, good food options, we will have a car to sightsee, adults only, resort or air bnb considered. Want some space privacy chill relax also.

        • Hi. I would check Portinatx area and resorts. If you are looking for real relaxation then Cala Llonga and Cala Tarida are good options.

          • Hi. Heading to Ibiza in August for a getaway with my husband. We are in our 40’s and aren’t into the club scene but love good restaurants and bars. We want to explore Ibiza town and take a trip to Formentera. We are renting a car and looking forward to spending time exploring the beaches as well. We only have 5 nights and want to split our stay between Ibiza Town and Portinax. Which location should we stay longer?

          • Hi Jessica. I would stay longer in Ibiza Town (3 nights), especially if you plan a trip to Formentera. From there is easier to explore the island.

  24. Which is the best side for weather, N,S,E,or West ? (ie In Tenerife most people say South.)

    • Hi Mike. Indeed, in Tenerife the weather is better in the South. In Ibiza the weather is the same in all areas

  25. “Ibiza is among the three largest of the Mediterranean Sea based Balearic Islands.”

    “Though Ibiza remains among the smallest of Spain’s Balearic Islands…”

    So, which is it? The biggest or the smallest?

    • Hi Robert. Lol… indeed confusing. By size the Balearic Islands are Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera


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