The 10 Best Restaurants in Ibiza

Best restaurants in Ibiza

Explore Ibiza’s dining scene with this guide to the island’s top ten restaurants. From typical seafood options to fine dining I have handpicked the top 10 restaurants in Ibiza.

Ibiza is blessed with delicious regional cuisine, and this should not be surprising to those who are familiar with Mediterranean and Balearic culture. 

You have to keep in mind that Ibiza and the rest of the Balearic islands have been inhabited since Phoenician times; over the last few centuries, the archipelago has developed a style of cuisine that combines ingredients and flavors from Valencia as well as Catalonia

To this wonderful combination you need to add Mediterranean influence, and the result is a nice assortment of dishes that range from unique sausages to gourmet cheeses and from hearty stews to amazing seafood dishes. 

In recent years owners of restaurants in Ibiza have been expanding their menus and improving their offerings and renowned chefs were flown into the island by restaurateurs who wanted to make their establishments known to the world. 

Later, local youngsters became interested in the culinary arts; they went abroad to study and returned to become the new chefs at local restaurants in Ibiza.  Today, we can see that the culinary landscape of the island has been transformed into a prime gastronomic destination.

The best 10 restaurants in Ibiza

There are dozens upon dozens of restaurants in Ibiza for you to discover. We will list 10 of these eateries based on the prestige they have earned; if you plan on embarking on a gastronomic tour of the island, be sure to visit the ones described below, which are not arranged in any particular order.

1. Sublimotion

A few years after Ibiza had already become a top destination in the international dining tourism circuit, the managers of the Hard Rock Hotel in Sant Jordi de Ses Salines wanted to come up with a gastronomy experience that would surprise even the most grizzled food critic. 

To this effect, chef Paco Roncero was called upon to deliver this vision, and the results were mind-blowing.

It is impossible to simply sit down for dinner at Sublimotion; what actually happens is that you go on a culinary journey that incorporates elements of art, music, and expressionism along with avant-garde meals.

Chef Paco certainly knows what he is doing with the Sublimotion experience. Through his career, he has earned two Michelin stars, but he has really outdone himself with this project, which is not only among the most expensive restaurants in Ibiza but also around the world

You know how the most exclusive dance clubs in Ibiza surprise guests by keeping their headlining acts, light shows, and even drinks completely secret? Sublimotion uses a similar approach, so we cannot even discuss menu items because they are part of the secret. 

What is known about Sublimotion is that diners are treated to a three-hour session of music, performance art, virtual reality, magic, and all kinds of sensory tricks that accompany every bite of the sublime banquet. 

As the most technologically advanced restaurant in the world, Sublimotion may not be for everyone because of its high price, but those who have experienced it will tell you that nothing else can compare.

2. La Gaia

Fans of international fusion cuisine will not want to miss the opportunity of dining at La Gaia. Various restaurants in Ibiza offer fusion menus, but this one manages to blend Peruvian and Japanese cuisine with a dash of Mediterranean ingredients, many of them produced right on the island. 

The name of this fusion has already been named Mediterranean Kaiseki; some of the interesting recipes include tuna ceviche with avocado, turbot marinated in oyster sauce and grilled to perfection, spicy sushi rolls and tempura with tropical accents, slow-cooked pork with coconut sauce, and more.

Even though La Gaia has only been around five years, it is already considered to be an Ibiza institution by virtue of its fusion menu, permanent art installation, and prime location within the Grand Ibiza Hotel. Be sure to dress up nicely when you visit.

3. Can Domo

The great potential of Ibiza as an upscale destination for rural tourism is underscored by Can Domo, a combination countryside lodge, organic farm, and traditional cuisine restaurant. 

After many years running the kitchens of Michelin two-star establishment, chef Pau Barba could not resist the prospect of creating one of the most authentic restaurants in Ibiza.

Can Domo is located in Santa Eulària de Riu, a rural town that feels completely removed from the EDM clubs of the island. You do not have to book a room here in order to dine at the amazing restaurant, but it is highly recommended because of the excellent reviews it consistently gathers. 

Just about all the ingredients used by the Can Domo kitchen staff to prepare amazing local dishes are sourced from farms you can actually visit. 

Even the olive oil is pressed onsite The tasting menu is highly recommended, but you can always jump right into entrees such as pork ravioli, freshly caught shrimp dipped into spicy cocktail sauce, or veal sirloin served with gnocchi.

4. Es Tragón

For upscale restaurants in Ibiza, getting a Michelin star is a matter of being able to compete against fine-dining bistros in Spain. 

Es Tragón founder Álvaro Sanz took on this challenge after more than a decade working at Michelin three-star restaurants in Mexico, Naples, and New York; he fell in love with the island and found a great spot for his project in the midst of a pine forest with a nice view of the Mediterranean Sea. 

It did not take long for Es Tragón to earn its very own Michelin star thanks to the diligent and passionate work of Mr. Sanz, who has injected a touch of fusion and haute cuisine into regional Balearic dishes.

The atmosphere in this restaurant is what you would expect from a Mediterranean island: Relaxed but with a touch of class. The menu offers three levels of dining experience, and we suggest you go for the full table meal because it is definitely worth it and reasonably priced

As befits a restaurant of the highest category, Es Tragón will prepare meals with seasonal ingredients and taking into consideration your preferences and sensibilities.

5. Re.Art

You would think that most restaurants in Ibiza would fall into the trendy category, but this is not really the case. 

Re.Art is located in a trendy part of town, and the modern rustic decor is in harmony with the EDM and nightlife prestige of the island, but the menu is not entirely trendy. 

At Re.Art, you get to see the food preparation process thanks to an open-concept kitchen, and you also get to enjoy traditional tapas, local seafood dishes, and international snacks such as burgers along with a touch of Asian cuisine. 

The wine list is extensive, and there is also a nice collection of sake that you can order along with Japanese-influenced menu items.

6. Es Boldadó

About three decades ago, this restaurant was a popular chiringuito beach spot, which means that it mostly offered grilled seafood snacks along with wines, cold beer, and refreshing cocktails in full view of the ocean. 

These days, Es Boldadó is a more formal dining establishment, but the panoramic view of the Mediterranean and the excellent Balearic seafood dishes have remained and improved. 

Even though the menu includes a few items other than seafood, you really want to try the freshly caught squid, shrimp, octopus, oysters, and various fish.

7. Es Xarcu

There is no shortage of seafood restaurants in Ibiza, but Es Xarcu stands out because of its location overlooking a pristine cove and the extensive menu of grilled and baked fish dishes. 

The cuisine is highly traditional, and the specialties include a few seafood rice dishes that are inspired by paella. One dish you must try at Es Xarcu is the Balearic paella, which is a delightful version of the original recipe from Valencia.

8. S’Espartar

The Sant Josep district of Ibiza is quickly becoming emblematic for its concentration of seafood eateries. 

S’Espartar is located near Cala Tarida, a nice beach that is becoming popular among visitors interested in family-oriented tourism; there are various terraces for you to enjoy waterfront views, and you will always find fresh catch on the menu always. 

The Spanish lobster stew known as caldereta is one of the most enticing dishes on the menu, and it differs from the mainland version in the sense that it is less hearty and more refreshing. 

If you are not in the mood for seafood, you can always try the tasty sofrit meals, which are grilled and fried pork cuts with potatoes, herbs, and vegetables.

9. Es Ventall

The most interesting restaurants in Ibiza are the ones where chefs agree that traditional cuisine is not meant to remain static. At Es Ventall, chef Jose Miguel Boned has created a menu that features traditional dishes prepared with slightly different techniques

Chef Jose has not given up on cooking on a wood stove, which is in plain view of diners, but he has taken great care of growing quite a few ingredients right on the the property. 

You can order a sofrit, caldereta, or seafood rice that reflects the taste of Ibiza cuisines, but we can guarantee that you will find it to be more flavorful. 

This is the kind of restaurant where ordering the tasting menu is a must; it features 10 dishes and it is quite generous in terms of portions, but you will likely want to make room for more as you place your entree order.

10. Ca n’Alfredo

Pay close attention to the historic photos on the wall of this restaurant when you visit; they date back to the days of the Spanish Civil War. 

Ca n’Alfredo has been around longer than all of the restaurants listed herein, and it has evolved along with the hippy invasion, the genesis of the EDM movement, and the ongoing transformation of Ibiza into an upscale and cosmopolitan island resort.

Along with historic photos, you can also see that quite a few celebrities have dined here, which means that Ca n’Alfredo is a good place to spot famous people.

If you order the tasting menu of this renowned restaurant, you will in fact get to enjoy a culinary tour of the island. When you visit during Lent, be sure to try the cuinat vegetable and leguminous stew, which is served prior to Easter. 

The menu at Ca n’Alfredo is diverse and extensive; here you will find everything from poultry to steaks and from seafood to pasta. 

As for the dessert menu, you simply cannot skip it because this wholesome restaurant is the favorite of all Ibiza locals who have a sweet tooth. You really have to try the house custard and the Catalan cream with scorched caramel.

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