Where to Stay in Lanzarote: 10 Best Areas

Where to stay in Lanzarote: Best areas

Where to stay in Lanzarote? This splendid Canary Island has proven to be the ideal holiday getaway for couples, families, and outdoors enthusiasts for numerous years. You can be sure of balmy weather and unfailing sunshine throughout all months, both making for a wonderful excuse to visit Lanzarote. In this post we will review the best places to stay in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote turns out to be the nearest of the (Spanish owned) Canary Islands to the continent of Africa. It is a mere about 65 miles (slightly over 100 kilometers) away and also lies over 650 miles distance (over 1,000 kilometers) from the mainland of Spain.

Lanzarote possesses fantastic beaches and otherworldly volcanic vistas. The isle’s yearly average temperature equates to 72 degrees (or 22 degrees Celsius), earning the island its nickname of “the Island of Eternal Spring.”

With such an interesting and unusual natural variety and a perfect climate, it should not come as a surprise that there are plenty of places for where to stay in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote has bustling tourist areas such as Costa Tequise and the Playa del Carmen, but it also offers you an arid and wild landscape just waiting for you to explore it.

This volcanic island provides you with towns filled with palms, stunning beaches, whitewashed houses, cacti aplenty, and fresh seafood.

The magical influence of renowned artist Cesar Manrique abounds. He designed most of the island outside of the capital, leaving a legacy of no new buildings being constructed more than two stories in height.

You can see several Manrique attractions and also houses of his while on Lanzarote. Meanwhile, the island’s interior and north presents you with a bohemian atmosphere.

Visitors to Lanzarote will not want to miss the Timanfaya National Park. Comprised of volcanoes, these are all dormant today (since 1824).

Thanks to the enormous eruptions of 100 of these volcanoes in the years from 1730 to 1736, an enormous basalt form of landscape makes up about 25 percent of this Canary Island. Nearly the entire area is part of the national park today.

Where to stay in Lanzarote: 10 Best Areas

Despite the fact that more than a quarter of this island is covered by lava rock, there is no shortage of best areas to stay in Lanzarote. We look at the ten best places on the island next.

1. Costa Teguise, where to stay in Lanzarote for first time visitors

Families find the Costa Teguise to be the preferable place to stay in Lanzarote

Near the island’s capital on the east side of the island lies the Costa Teguise. It is also a mere 10 to 15 minutes car ride from the island’s one airport.

You will find every kind of holiday accommodation, including some of the best hotels and resorts in Lanzarote, and numerous activities in this tourist resort.

Among its most popular appeals are the numerous recreational opportunities and facilities on offer in the Costa Teguise. These range from a water park and golf course on to a plethora of water sports activities.

A few different windsurfing schools are based on Jablillo Avenue and on Cucharas Beach.

This has all caused the numbers of cultural and sporting events here to multiply over past years as well. In June you will see the PWA Windsurfing World Championship qualifiers on Cucharas Beach. September brings you the Coast Music Festival, while June offers the Brazilian Music Festival.

Without a doubt the beaches found in Costa Teguise are the biggest attraction. Bastian Beach caters to families with little children thanks to its protection from the wind and its easy access. Cucharas Beach is beloved by windsurfers. Jablillo is another worthwhile white sandy beach here.

Those who base in the Costa Teguise will want to take in the fishing village (Pueblo Marinero) characterized by Cesar Manrique-designed traditional Canarian buildings. There is a market every Friday night and plenty of shops, pubs, and restaurants.

The area of Teguise also boasts a house that King Hussein from Jordan gave to long-time Spanish King Juan Carlos.

Families find the Costa Teguise to be the preferable place to stay in Lanzarote. It offers family friendly resorts and a wide variety of accommodations, services, and beaches alongside a tangible tranquility.


2. Puerto del Carmen, where to stay in Lanzarote for nightlife

One of the most tourist crowded places on Lanzarote is Puerto del Carmen

One of the most tourist crowded places on Lanzarote is Puerto del Carmen. It lies along the south east of the island and boasts over three miles (more than six kilometers) of protected beaches. The largest of these are Los Pocillos, Grande Beach, and Matagorda.

For anyone interested in the island’s best partying, this is the resort to choose to stay in Lanzarote. There are more concentrated pubs, bars, and discos in Puerto del Carmen than anywhere else in the island.

Fronting the Las Playas Avenue and surrounding Varadero there are night hot spots for every interest. Along the beach there are also bars and lounges featuring shows and live music.

The resort offers more than just the best night out on the town. You will also be able to partake of all types of sporting activities here. These include marine excursions, windsurfing, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing, to name a few.

The resort also features many different important events including the Carnival Parade (end of February), Ironman Competition (May), the Triathlon Qualifier for the Spanish Championship (June), Our Lady of Carmen Festival (end of July), and tennis championships at Match Point Club and Fariones Sports Club.

If you are looking for where to stay in Lanzarote around Puerto del Carmen, you will be able to choose from a large selection of hotels ranging from more budget friendly to higher end.

The city also provides many entertainment venues and tourist services on its wide Las Playas Avenue. This includes shopping centers, stores, bars, restaurants, pubs, recreational centers, and discos.


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3. Playa Blanca, great area in Lanzarote for families

Playa Blanca, best loved sites on Lanzarote

Located along the south of Lanzarote, Playa Blanca has grown into the third biggest tourist resort on this Canary Island. It has received several awards for its outstanding beauty, making this peaceful oasis an ideal locale for families to enjoy and relax.

Playa Blanca boasts numerous shops, bars, and restaurants along its boardwalk and parallel streets. There is also an old town just beyond these streets. Visitors here should not miss the recreational port that contains high quality facilities for all. A newer shopping center also complements the area.

Two of the beaches are outstanding. Flamingo and Dorada alike contain beautiful white sand and are found close to the resort’s main hotels. An even better but somewhat remote beach is Papagayo, one of the best beaches in Lanzarote.

This beach network is part of a nature preserve and involves a small entrance fee. You will also find a car helpful to explore it as the Papagayo is a long walk from town.

Lying only minutes from this resort town are among the best loved sites on Lanzarote. These include La Geria, Timanfaya National Park, the Janubio salt flats, the Green Lagoon El Golfo, the charm-filled Yaiza village, and Los Hervideros.

It is also possible to take a 25 to 35 minute ferry to neighboring Canary Island Fuerteventura from Playa Blanca. Worth taking the trip over are the beaches in Corralejo famous for crystal clear waters and white sandy dunes.

The Playa Blanca boasts a large variety of hotels from budget to high end. Thanks to the many businesses, recreational ports, restaurants, bars, and hotels, this is an excellent place to stay in Lanzarote.


4. Arrecife, where to stay in Lanzarote for history

The port city of Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote, one of the best areas to stay

The port city of Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote. It lies along the eastern coast of this island within the Canary Islands. Arrecife today remains a lively city overflowing with history and culture just east of the island’s center. 

The city’s name comes from the Spanish word meaning reef. The beautiful harbor is protected by interesting volcanic formations found nearby in the sea.

Though Arrecife began life as a tiny fishing village in the 1400’s, it expanded dramatically until it became the capital seat of the island by 1852. The city’s rich history still abounds. You can find the 1600s built San Gines Church in the old quarter, with its Mudejar style of ceiling and bell tower.

One of the mansions known as the Agustin De La Hoz now hosts a center for culture. There is also the International Museum of Contemporary Art housed in the 1700s era fortress of San Jose Castle.

Visitors will enjoy the abstract works of art found here. The city also claims the calm waters and golden sand of Playa del Reducto beach.

Because Arrecife developed before the time of influential native architect and artist Cesar Manrique (who personally designed and landscaped the vast majority of the island), this is the one place on Lanzarote to find buildings taller than the highest palm tree.

With 50,000 inhabitants, Arrecife is today famous for being a shopper’s paradise. It contains streets fronted by countless boutiques as well as more expensive retail outlets that feature designer labels.

There are bargains to be had in the right shops, drawing in crowds of visitors to the city for the myriad shopping opportunities. The pedestrianized street Calle Leon y Castillo with its enormous shopping center is not one to miss for those who love shopping.

For a break in the shopping, you can also investigate the Centro Insular de Cultura El Almacen to see what cultural exhibitions are on while you are in the capital.

The city has more than its share of four and five star rated hotels. Thanks to the Playa del Reducto beach in the city, there are a number of high quality resorts to choose from here.

Be sure to walk along the beautiful promenade from this beach to the second beach of Arrecife called Playa del Cable about a mile and a quarter (around two kilometers) to the west.


5. Famara, best place to stay in Lanzarote for surfers

Where to stay in Lanzarote: Playa Famara, peaceful and picturesque

Famara is a seaside town where you can retrace the footsteps of legendary local architect and artist Cesar Manrique.

The man responsible for the present day development of Lanzarote spent part of his happy years as a teenager living in the charming fishing community of La Caleta de Famara on the island’s north coast.

This lovely spot is both peaceful and picturesque. You can travel up for a relaxing meal in a seafood restaurant or find a place to stay (though hotels here are more limited).

This village of La Caleta is the beginning of the long white sandy beach Playa de Famara. According to many individuals, this is the most stunning beach in Lanzarote with its backdrop of the Risco de Famara cliffs.

Hang gliders love to fly off of these as high as 1970 feet (or 600 meters) cliffs. The waves are powerful enough on this beach to bring in experienced kite surfers and traditional surfers, but are not ideal for swimmers because of the currents and waves.

Famara itself is a minor settlement colored by green and white bungalows, some of which you may be able to rent. The beautiful beaches stretch on for literally miles to the north.

Because the breakers off of this beach make for such strong waves, international surfing championships have taken place on the beach Playa de San Juan. Beware going too far north on the extreme end of the beach unless you want to share it with the clothing optional naturist crowd.

To the south of La Caleta there are another three miles (or five kilometers) of white sandy beaches. These are also optimal for surfing enthusiasts. Playa Ensenada is a beach found on the shore of the village itself. Waters are calmer here and attract many sunbathers.


6. Puerto Calero, exclusive and modern port

Best places to stay in Lanzarote: Puerto Calero

If you are looking for both peace and quiet as well as incredible nature you should consider Puerto Calero. The recreational port is renowned for its unique natural appearance because of the volcanic origins of this part of Lanzarote.

The town is also admirable because of its emphasis on a clean appearance and security.

This was Lanzarote’s first such recreational port started back in 1986. By the year 2000, Puerto Calero had secured a spot as one of the most exclusive and modern ports in the whole of Spain.

Today it prides itself on possessing the full amenities you would expect in a leading modern destination. The internet connections are state of the art, all luxuries abound, and it even has its own meteorological service.

The world class port also features fully stocked nautical shops and boating and sailing charters you can enjoy. The marina here offers 420 berths for boats up to more than 250 feet long (75 meters) and the accompanying floating jetties.

Hotels based here are higher end and accordingly are more expensive as you would expect in such a luxury destination.


7. San Bartolomé, where to stay in Lanzarote for ecotourism

Stay in Lanzarote: The quiet and peaceful town San Bartolomé

San Bartolome owes its primary industry of agriculture to its ideal location in the midst of a fertile valley in the center of Lanzarote. The farming center for this Canary Island features numerous crops, especially watermelons, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins.

The town also boasts a wonderful bakery and a pastry shop that has the reputation of being the best on Lanzarote.

The country town features the beautiful style employed by Cesar Manrique with an abundance of white, green, and black colors. It is worth visiting to take in the excellent examples of traditional Canary Islands architecture.

You can see the beautiful 1700s era Casa Perdomo building. Today it houses the Museo Etnografico Tanit that focuses on the unique folk culture of the island. It also offers a lovely garden and courtyard and a little chapel.

Inside the museum you will see a worthwhile collection of household utensils, agricultural tools, paintings, musical instruments, equipment for producing wine, photos, clothing, furniture, religious artifacts, and many other items of interest. With its free admission, this is a museum not to miss.

The town also offers a big stylish central square. Here you can take in the late 1700s era San Bartolome parish church, along with the town hall and the beautifully restored municipal theater sitting next to it.

Accommodations here are more limited and boutique-oriented than in the larger resort towns of the island.


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8. Arrieta, charming fishing village

Where to stay in Lanzarote: Arrieta

Another charming village along the northern coast of Lanzarote is Arrieta. It lies about 19 miles (or 30 kilometers) away from Arrecife the capital. Arrieta is a hidden gem that you should explore if you have the time.

The town is centered on a beautiful traditional Canarian fishing harbor. Every morning you will see the fishermen headed out to sea then returning to unload their day’s catch. These fish go to stock the area eateries. The village is an excellent place to enjoy fresh seafood and fish in the restaurants.

The town also boasts a golden sand beach called Playa de la Garita. This pristine beach has received the coveted European Blue Flag designation for its crystal clear waters, clean appearance, and wonderful facilities. Currents are stronger here and draw in surfers, so swimmers take care.

As the village is a longer distance from the capital and resort areas, you would probably want to rent a car to enjoy this community and its surrounding areas. There are limited accommodation choices around and near the beach.

For a mostly untouched fishing village, you can continue north of Arrieta to see Punta Mujeres. In this area you can see the Monte de la Corona, a 2,000 feet high (609 meters) imposing volcano that made the area when it erupted around 5,000 years ago.

One of the biggest lava tubes in the world is found here, stretching to the volcano’s southeast for around five miles (or 7.5 kilometers). Its last mile is under the sea, and the lava tube meets the water about 165 feet (50 meters deep) below sea level.

Two of the most beloved tourist attractions on the island are a result of this lava tube dilating. You can go see Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua to take in these fantastic and unusual lava formations.


9. Orzola, quiet and great for windsurfing

Accommodation in Lanzarote: Orzola and Playa de Canteira

The farthest north village of Lanzarote is a tranquil fishing community called Orzola. It is renowned for its fabulous seafood restaurants. Visitors come here just to enjoy a fantastic meal while taking in the lovely harbor.

Just to the west of this village is a postcard perfect white sandy beach called Playa de la Canteria. The beach is optimal for windsurfing and sun bathing. Swimmers should be careful as the waves can be rough and high, making it ideal for surfing.

This town is mostly a day trip destination. It offers little in the way of accommodation. You should rent a car to fully enjoy the area.


10. Playa Honda, convenient area to stay in Lanzarote

Playa Honda is the commercial center of Lanzarote to stay

Playa Honda is the commercial center of Lanzarote. It is closely situated to the island’s airport and contains numerous warehouses. The town is the second biggest settlement by population.

It is a popular place for growing families to move, and the high real estate prices reflect this. La Concha is an exclusive residential area that offers a fantastic beach and beautiful, impressive houses.

The town is also a convenient place to stay in Lanzarote. Its beautiful, long promenade fronts the town and connects Puerto del Carmen with Arrecife the capital. This promenade is always full of individuals cycling or walking.

You can sit along the promenade for a meal or a drink and enjoy people watching. Several excellent tapas bars and fine restaurants front the promenade.

For a central location on the island, it is hard to beat Playa Honda as a place to stay in Lanzarote. It offers many shops and restaurants, a fantastic beach, and connections to all of the regular local transportation.

The small factories and warehouses do not much detract from the area’s appeal, which is based on convenience, amenities, and its proximity to the seaport and airport.

The town offers two great beaches. Playa Honda fronts the beloved promenade while Guacimeta Beach interestingly extends around the airport’s runway.

On this beach you stand or sit and experience the airplanes coming in to land right overhead. This beach is not labeled a naturist beach but it does attract the clothing optional crowd.

Shopping is also convenient here, thanks to the indoor Deiland Shopping Center. You also have the big Hiper Dino Supermarket and the Garden Center that lies across from the runway’s end.

There are many places to stay in Playa Honda, including more affordable hotels and accommodations.


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