How to get from Buenos Aires Airport (Ezeiza) to the city centre

How to get from Buenos Aires Airport (Ezeiza) to the city centre

Are you wondering how to get from Buenos Aires Airport (Ezeiza) to the city centre? Although there is no subway or train at the airport, several transportation methods to the city are available at different prices. 

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, has two airports. One is Jorge Newbery, better known as Aeroparque, which is used for the arrivals and departures of regional and domestic flights.

The other airport is Ministro Pistarini International Airport, also called Ezeiza (the town where it is located). It handles all international flights and concentrates more than 85% of the country’s international traffic.

It is located about 35 kilometres south of Buenos Aires.

How to get from Buenos Aires Airport (Ezeiza) to the city centre

1. City bus (colectivo) lines 51 and 8, cheap but slow and unconfortable

Several “colectivo” lines pass through Ezeiza Airport, but none go directly to downtown. There is no express bus service that covers this nonstop service.

They are inexpensive (less than 1 USD per person), but the journey can take almost 2 hours. They also lack special compartments for luggage.

To use the buses, buying a personal and individual rechargeable card (no two people can travel with the same card), called SUBE is necessary. 

The most popular lines are:

Line 51 ends its route at Plaza Constitución and can take more than 2 hours. Its itinerary is Barrio Uno, Ezeiza City, Ezeiza Hospital, Carlos Pegazzini City.

Line 8 “semi-fast service”, leaves you at Plaza de Mayo (in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires). 

It runs every 30 minutes and finishes its route in just over 1 hour. Its itinerary is Liniers, Mercado Central, Congreso, Plaza de Mayor, Facultad de Ingeniería and Paseo Colón.

It is important not to confuse line 8 “Airport x Highway”, with the line 8 “semi-fast service”, as the route takes more than twice as long.

More information here:


2. Minibus Ezeiza, an interesting option at an excellent price.

The Ezeiza Minibus is a very economical option. Prices range between 4000 pesos (5 dollars) without luggage and 8000 pesos (10 dollars) if you carry a suitcase. 

It has a departure every 30 minutes, and its destination from the airport is the neighbourhood of San Telmo (with a final stop at Defensa 417).

The only drawback of this shuttle service is its schedule: It only operates from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

I advise you to confirm prices on their official website. You can find more information at the following link:

Minibus Ezeiza

3. Tienda León private bus, one of the most used options to get from Ezeiza airport to downtown

Manuel Tienda León is a very popular option to get from Buenos Aires airport to the city centre. It is a bit more expensive than the other buses (the ticket costs about 12000 pesos, aprox 14 USD) but it runs every half hour, every day of the week. 

Its destination is the Madero terminal in the Retiro neighbourhood, at Avenida Eduardo Madero 401. They can also offer you the service from downtown to your accommodation (if it is located downtown).

The company also has buses connecting with Jorge Newbery airport and other cities such as Rosario, Plata and Mar de Plata. It also offers a van rental service for several passengers and “Remises”. 

You can find detailed information on the following link:

Tienda León

4. Taxi, the best choice to go from Ezeiza airport to the city centre

Taxis are a comfortable and safe way to go from Ezeiza airport to the city centre. Always use official taxis. Take a cab from Taxi Ezeiza (the official airport cab company) or a service that depends on the municipality of Buenos Aires. 

A taxi ride from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires City Centre will cost you around 25 USD / 30 USD. Ask for taxi meter. 

Some cab drivers may offer a fixed price to take you downtown. Only accept it if you feel the price is right.

Ezeiza Taxi

5. Remises, affordable price

There are private cars that work as “remises,” but it is essential to be sure that they belong to companies authorized for this purpose, such as Tienda León, World Car, and Transfer Express. 

The stands authorized to hire them are at the airport. 

The cost of a trip from Ministro Pistarini International Airport to downtown Buenos Aires varies greatly depending on each company. For example, Manuel Tienda Leon offers trips for about 30 US dollars per vehicle with a capacity of 2 people.

6. Uber, available in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires also has this mode of transportation to move around the city. The positive thing is that you can see the fares in real time and make electronic payments.

The only downside is that you’ll have to meet the driver somewhere specific to meet him. Depending on how tired you are, it can be a hassle after a long trip.

9. Private transfer: the most comfortable way to get from Buenos Aires airport to downtown.

A private transfer is undoubtedly one of the best ways to go from Buenos Aires airport to downtown. Similar to the “remises”, the service consists of a person waiting for you with an identification sign upon arrival, and a private driver takes you to your destination in a comfortable vehicle.

The price is around 36 US dollars per 5-passenger vehicle. This is a very good option if you are traveling accompanied because the price per person is not so high. 

Private transfers from Buenos Aires Ezeiza airport to the city centre

7. Rent a car

In Terminal A of the Airport, you will find almost all the major international and several national car rental companies, so renting a car is easy.

To leave Ezeiza Airport, you must take the Teniente General Pablo Riccheri Highway, whose main junctions are Avenida General Paz, the RP 4 or “Camino de Cintura”, the Ezeiza-Cañuelas Highway and Avenida Teniente General Luis J. Dellepiane (this is the most direct option if you want to get to downtown Buenos Aires, via Autopista 25 de Mayo).

Car rental at Buenos Aires Airport

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