Where to Stay in Lefkada: 10 Best Areas

Where to stay in Lefkada

Are you thinking about where to stay in Lefkada? To help you choose where to stay in Lefkada, we’ve put together this list of 10 of the best areas to stay in Lefkada.

Compared to its sisters, the island of Lefkada only just squeezes into the category of ‘Island’. Situated a few hundred metres off the west coast of Greece, it is the only island that can be reached by road, via a floating bridge and long causeway. 

Considering the island has suffered five earthquakes dating back BC, with the latest in 2015, Lefkada has managed to retain more of its island architectural history than you would expect.

The interior is made up of rich Mediterranean vegetation, interspersed with sleepy Greek villages and groves of wild olive trees. Colourful areas of native flowers, and forests of pine and cypress trees stretch up the hillsides. 

With its vineyards, and olive and citrus groves, it is a paradise for those wishing to explore the flora and fauna during their holiday stay in Lefkada.

For the sea and sand lovers, Lefkada offers some of the most idyllic beaches and coves you will find on any of the islands. 

Where to stay in Lefkada: 10 Best areas

To help you decide where to stay in Lefkada, have a glance through these 10 popular Lefkada tourist resorts.

1. Lefkada Town, capital of the island

Lefkada Town

As you drive across the causeway, the island’s administrative capital, Lefkada Town, sits on the north-east tip. 

Having been hard hit by the earthquakes, many of the town’s properties were rebuilt using frames of timber and corrugated-tin roof sheeting, to minimise casualties should another quake strike.

Nonetheless, it’s colourfully painted buildings, narrow streets, pots and baskets of colourful plants, and friendly residents, provide that typical Greek village appeal.

Considering its proximity to the local airport (a 20 minute drive), Lefkada town is in the main, pleasantly un-touristy, and could be considered more of a working town, although in recent years greater efforts have been made to grab some of the tourist euros.

The town’s working harbour has been complimented by a large marina, providing mooring and servicing facilities for over 600 private pleasure craft. New apartments, shops, bars, and restaurants have also been built, to cater for the increased number of visitors.

As you would expect from the island’s capital, there is an excellent selection of retail shops, mini-marts, coffee shops, bars, and tavernas to choose from, with many hostelries open till past midnight

Most of the town’s main shopping area is pedestrianised, and the town square is the hub of activity both day and night. 

Local attractions include four museums, one of which tells the history of the gramophone, the Castle of Agia Mavra and the Faneromeni Monastery, built in the 17th century.

Although there is no beach in Lefkada Town, just across the lagoon at Gyra, there is a popular 4km length of sand and shingle beach, while arranged tours or frequent public transport, can get you to several other pretty beaches along the coast.

Down by the harbour, the wide concourse is decked with tables, chairs, and sunshades from the bars and restaurants that run round the marina’s quayside, making it a great area for a little souvenir hunting, retail therapy, or somewhere to spend a pleasant couple of hours, watching the yachts and motor boats come and go from the marina.

If Lefkada Town sounds like your place to stay in Lefkada, it has an excellent selection of apartments, villas, and friendly boutique hotels to choose from.


2. Nikiana, very un-commercialised base for island touring

Best areas to stay in Lefkada: Nikiana

If you’re wondering where to stay in Lefkada for a totally away-from-it-all, tranquil relaxing Greek island holiday, Nikiana may just fit the bill. 

A pleasant, typically Ionian fishing village with a small harbour, Nikiana is pretty much a one street village on the east coast, 10km south of Lefkada Town, and 10km north of Nidri.

Being almost halfway down the coast, it is also popular with visitors who plan to spend one day relaxing on the beach, and the next exploring the surrounding areas, or hiking the hillsides and countryside.

Facilities around the village are pretty sparse except for a few taverns, tavernas, and local shops along the roadway. The beach area also is very un-commercialised compared to many. 

Sunbeds and parasols are in short supply except outside the odd tavern, apartment complex, or taverna. Instead, you can find shade under the pine and cypress trees that stretch down the hillsides almost to the water’s edge.

Nikiana is also very popular with sailing holiday makers and weekend sailors. Enjoy a stroll along the beach to the harbour, and the area comes to life. 

Find a terrace table at one of the waterside bars, and enjoy a drink while watching the fishermen mending their nets, visiting charter yachts and cabin cruisers swaying gently in the swell, and dingy sailors out in force, making the most of the warm breeze that sweeps in from the Greek mainland.

From here you can also book trips to other coves, beaches, and bays of Lefkada, as well as visit other islands. 

Although Nikiana is much less commercialised than the larger tourist resorts, through the months of June to August it is a popular resort with the Italians, and can get very busy during this period.

If Nikiana sounds like the place you want to relax in during your stay in Lefkada, it has a selection of studios and one and two bed apartments, self-catering villas, and pretty boutique hotels.


3. Nidri, where to stay in Lefkada for all ages and tastes

Nidri, Lefkada

Although Nidri is still classified a village, it is Lefkada’s busiest holiday resort, and popular with all age groups, families, and couples.

Situated on the east coast, around 20km from Lefkada Town in the north, and the same from Vassiliki on the south-west coast, nidri gives the impression of a ramshackle village, which has had different bits added over the years and decades.

This very cosmopolitan village has everything you will need for your stay in Lefkada including shops of all kinds, mini-marts, supermarkets, ATMs, and car hire offices. 

International restaurants offer Chinese, Italian, English, and Indian menus, while local tavernas and taverns offer traditional Greek cuisine and local beers, wines, and spirits. 

No time to eat? You can grab a take-away from one of the fast-food outlets.

Beautiful blue flag sandy beaches served by a wide, palm tree planted promenade stretch around the bay, while the walkway has enough bars, restaurants, and shops to keep everyone happy.

Nidri’s harbour also has grown from a small local fishing port, to a major port/marina, with large ferries sailing daily to other islands including Meganisi, Ithaca, and Kefalonia. 

Sizeable motor cruisers and charter yachts lay tied up alongside local fishing boats, while around the quayside there are plenty of the usual facilities, including most of the late-night drinking and music bars.

Sailing is popular around all the Greek Islands, but in Nidri, with the natural Bay of Nidri, it is a particularly popular pastime. If you are a yachting fan, the Ionian Yachting Regatta, the largest in the Med, is held every year during late September, and attracts upwards of 800 entries.

The backdrop to all this is magnificent verdant countryside of high volcanic hillsides covered in pine and cypress woods, and lush valleys of dark Mediterranean vegetation mixed with cultivated olive groves and tilled agricultural land.

Other places of interest around the area are the four islets sitting off the coast, one of which is the islet of Scorpios, prior to his death owned by the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

A closer look can be had from the tour boats, although you’re not allowed to land on the islets. 

The village itself has a small but interesting Folklore Museum, while in the countryside you can visit the ruins of a prehistoric settlement, and the impressive waterfalls at Dimosari Gorge.

If Nidri sounds like your place where to stay in Lefkada, it has a large selection of all types of accommodation to suit all budgets, but be warned. If you intend to visit in high season, July-August, early booking is advised if you want to be close to the action.


Vlycho, Lefkada

Yenion is more popularly known as Geni or Genion, and lies on a peninsular of the same name, on the island’s east side, and a little further around the coast than Nidri. The two however, couldn’t be more diverse.

Geni is very much a quiet sailing resort, popular with those who prefer to spend their time on the water – rather than in it. The large Vlycho Bay creates a magnificent natural harbour and marina. 

With a backdrop of high hillsides covered in lush vegetation and pine and cypress forests on both the island and peninsula, the whole area is one of total natural beauty.

The narrow coastal village of Vlycho stretches for 2km along the seafront, with bars, tavernas, and small boat-repair workshops, jetties, and launching ramps spread along the waterfront, but there is no beach.

During the summer, the large marina attracts everything from large yachts from across the Mediterranean, to hobbyist weekend and holiday sailors in their small sailboats and motor launches, while the modest harbour still retains its little fleet of fishing boats.

Although there are no beaches at Geni or Vlycho villages, hiring a boat gives you the option of exploring the many pretty coves dotted around the bay which are only accessible from the sea. 

If a little sailing is not your thing, then you are not far from Desimi beach, which is closer to Nidri and has a couple of bars, a few shops for the basic necessities, and a popular campsite used by touring travellers and backpackers.

Although having an interest in boats helps if you choose to stay in Geni or Vlycho, it is not a necessity. The peaceful, relaxed atmosphere of the area, the feel of being at one with nature, and the ease by which you can explore further afield, has visitors returning year on year. 

If Geni or Vlycho meet the requirements for your stay in Lefkada, there is an excellent range of guest houses, small apartments, boutique hotels and sumptuous villas available.


5. Mikros Gialos, one of the most picture-postcard resorts to relax and enjoy life

Mikros Gialos Lefkada

If you’re wondering where to stay in Lefkada for that relaxing sunbed, sea, and souvenir hunting holiday, Mikros Gialos could be just the venue. 

Mikros Gialos beach resort sits on the south-east coast of Lefkada, below the inland village of Poros, and is often referred to as ‘Poros Beach.’

It wasn’t so many years ago, that this beautiful little fishing village was just that – a little fishing village. But then somebody mentioned tourism. 

However, don’t let that put you off. It is still one of the most picture-postcard resorts you could stay on the island of Lefkada.

Situated in Rouda Bay, the small blue flag beach, bends around the coastline to the small harbour. To cater for its increasing number of visitors, sunbeds and parasols are spread along the beach, as are bars, shops, and tavernas spread along the front. 

A good selection of water-sports is also available, and a children’s playground keeps the youngsters busy. There is also a small camp site by the village with its own parking, swimming pool, and taverna.

Even after all this expansion, and with the low rise apartment blocks and chic hotels that have sprung up, Mikros Gialos still retains that quintessential Greek fishing village charm.

With the sun reflecting off the white pebbles, and sparkling on the calm, crystal clear water, the backdrop of dark forest covered hills, and deep green vegetation, compliments the beachfront vista perfectly.

For evening entertainment, don’t expect loud music and karaoke bars. Taverna menus offer a varied selection of dishes, while the bars tend to rely on their friendly Greek service and convivial atmosphere for visitor enjoyment.

If you enjoy trips out and about during your stay in Lefkada, even down south of the island you are only 30km from Lefkada Town in the north. Should the 45 minute drive sound a little too much, there are plenty of interesting little beaches and villages to be visited closer to home. 

If Mikros Gialos sounds like your place where to stay in Lefkada, it has a good selection of self-catering apartments, small hotels, and comfortable villas.


Where to stay in Lefkada: Sivota

Sitting in a sheltered bay, and surrounded by abundant green foliage and wooded hillsides, Sivota is another village popular with visiting yachts and charter boats due to its deep harbour entrance.

Just 15km from Mikros Gialos on the south coast, and 33km from Lefkada Town, the village is popular with those visitors who just want that laid-back, old-style Greek village ambiance from their holiday destination.

During the summer the village is decked with flowering pots, tubs, and hanging baskets. While olive and cypress trees, bougainvillea, wisteria, and succulents brighten up the gardens and walkways.

Sivota has a pretty pebble/sand beach at the end of the breakwater, and the colourful harbour is full of visiting boats coming and going, with others moored up alongside the small fishing fleet. 

The promenade wends its way along the front and harbour, with bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and shops to be explored. 

You will also find bakeries, mini-markets, and general stores around the village. And along the quayside, some of the best fish restaurants in Lefkada.

Evenings in Sivota can come as a bit of a surprise if it’s your first visit. While pleasantly quiet may seem the order of the day; during the evening crowd numbers increase, as boat crews and passengers leave their yachts to eat and drink around the quayside tavernas until the early hours.

Don’t let that put you off. Like all good places to stay in Lefkada, you will find quiet bars, and not so quiet bars, the choice is yours. 

If you think Sivota might be your choice of where to stay in Lefkada, the village has a good selection of self-catering apartments, boutique hotels, and de-luxe villas to choose from.


7. Vassiliki, Lefkada’s water-sports mecca

Vassiliki, Lefkada

If you’re contemplating where to stay in Lefkada for the best water-sport facilities on the island, look no further. On any afternoon through the high season, you can sit on the terrace of a local beach bar, and watch kite and wind-surfers skimming across the bay. 

Vassiliki lays in the south of the island, just off centre in the large bay of the same name, and an hour’s drive from Preveza airport.

It is Lefkada’s second busiest tourist resort, and many young, and young at heart visitors come for the large selection of water-sports, especially wind and kite surfing. 

Fortunately, for those not so bothered about all this energy- sapping activity, Vassiliki’s beach is long and wide, providing plenty of clear beach to be able to get your sunbed or towel down without getting tangled up with sails or cables.

The beach shelves gently into the sea, making it a safer bet for young children, but flip-flops or beach sandals are recommended, as some of the larger pebbles can be quite painful under bare feet.

The view from the beach as you look round this large bay is breathtaking, and further out to sea the outlines of Kefalonia and Athaka can be seen in the distance. 

Around the pretty harbour, with its fishing fleet tied up for the day, regular ferries ply their trade to the aforementioned islands. 

Tour boats take visitors for trips around the bay and beaches further afield, and you can hire motor boats, sail boats, pedalos, or kayaks, to do a little exploring of your own.

The port area and promenade has plenty of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and souvenir shops, and it is this area that sees most activity in the evenings. 

If you prefer quieter, seek out the taverns around the village, where you can enjoy a couple of drinks on a terrace, and watch the world go by.

If you fancy a change from Vassiliki beach for a day or just a few hours, the much quieter coastal village of Ponti is just a pleasant, relatively flat, two kilometre walk, or two minutes away in your hire car. 

There are also some pretty countryside trails to be explored. 

If you think Vassiliki sounds like the best place to stay in Lefkada for your water-sports activities, the village has an excellent selection of apartments, villas, boutique hotels, and a pretty campsite with all amenities.


8. Athani, in the countryside but very close to amazing beaches

Egemni Beach close to Athani

If your choice of where to stay in Lefkada is more countryside than coast, then beautiful Athani is worth a second look. Situated on a hillside on the south-west of the island, the village dates back to the 15th century, and was originally established by Venetian Italians.

On the main road running from Porto Katsiki on the west coast, to Lefkada Town in the north, the drive time from the Island’s capital is around 45 minutes.

It is only in recent years that this picture perfect village has been found by European visitors. Many of them now book long term lets, to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, warm sunshine, and fresh mountain air through the summer months.

Even today, permanent residents of the village number less than 250, and much of it closes during the winter. 

Surrounded by olive green forests of pine and cypress, in summer locals brighten up the area with myriad pots of bright, colourful shrubs and flowers outside houses and businesses, and alongside village streets. In fact, anywhere a planted pot, tub, or hanging basket can be fitted in, it is.

Although it is very much a country village rather than a coastal village, the views over the Ionian Sea are magnificent, and the village is just 3.5km from three of the island’s most attractive beaches, Gialos (the closest), Egremni, and Porto Katsiki. 

Any walking in the area can be quite arduous due to Athani’s location, so to make the most of this beautiful area car-hire is advised.

Other places of interest include the 16th century monastery Agios Nikolaos, around a 15 minute drive, and the remains of the ancient temple of Apollo, close to the island headland.

Around the village there are enough local shops and cafes to keep you well supplied with your day to day needs. Try a pot of Athani’s local honey, it is famous throughout the island. 

During the evening there are bars and restaurants to be enjoyed, where pleasant evenings can be spent dining, drinking, and discussing the day’s activities.

If Athani sounds the sort of place you’d like to stay in Lefkada, it has a good selection of private houses, apartments, villas, and boutique hotels available to let.


9. Agios Nikitas, one of the best places to stay in Lefkada

Agios Nikitas, Lefkada

Whatever your priorities for choosing where to stay in Lefkada, the beautiful resort of Agios Nikitas will meet them all. 

Located just 12km from Lefkada Town, and a 40 minute drive from the airport, the village sits on the west coast, amid some of the island’s most attractive beaches.

Built in a rich organic valley, where local farmers cultivate olives and citrus fruits, the village drops terrace-style to the promenade and sea wall, while the surrounding hillsides rise steeply, clad in groves of cypress and forests of pine.

The pretty beach is a mix of white pebbles and sand, with large boulders hundreds of years old, lying where they fell along the beach. 

Great for keeping the kids amused. If you arrive in high season, and your intention is to explore the rest of the island by car, parking could be problematic. 

Except for the main incoming road, most of the village is pedestrianised, with windy lanes and alleyways. Great for exploring, but not so for motor cars.

The village has a good selection of shops, ATMs, car-hire, mini-marts, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Spend a couple of hours browsing the village when you first arrive. 

Stop off for some light refreshment at a bar or coffee shop, and feel the tension start to disappear.

There is a pleasant beach-front walkway which will lead to the small harbour with its fishing boats tied up and visiting small yachts anchored off. 

Along the front you will find more souvenir and nick-knack shops, bars and fish restaurants, so you’re never short of somewhere to take the weight off tired feet.

When staying at Agios Nikitas, not only do you have a beautiful village beach to enjoy, but some of Lefkada’s favourite sandy beaches such as Mylos, Kathisma, and Pefkoulia are just a short distance away by foot, cycle, hire car or water taxi.

Don’t expect Agios Nikitas to break into party mode after dark, it won’t. There are however, plenty of bars and tavernas where you can enjoy an excellent evening meal, rounded off with a stroll around the harbour and a nightcap on the terrace of a friendly tavern.

If you think Agios Nikitas might be your choice of where to stay in Lefkada, the village has a good selection of luxury villas, boutique hotels, and self-catering apartments to let.


10. Ligia, small resort where to stay in Lefkada for families

Best places to stay in Lefkada

Turning left onto the main north-south coast road as you reach the island, will get you to the small coastal village and harbour of Ligia, around six kilometres south of Lefkada Town. 

The village stretches along and behind the main road. On the coast side, various pathways or the narrow country lane will lead you down to the pebble and sand beach and working harbour.

Popular with those looking for traditional resorts in Lefkada, during summer the village is brightened up by residents’ colourful gardens, trailing pot plants, and bougainvillea cascading over walls and fences. 

Most of the taverns, tavernas, coffee shops, mini-marts, and souvenir shops are found along the main village road, but don’t expect international eateries or fast-food chains.

The beach area, although quite narrow, shelves gently into the sea, making it safe for young children. 

There are a couple of tavernas along the beach, while you can find others around the harbour quayside, along with bars and a couple of excellent fish restaurants. 

At least one evening dining al fresco on the quayside, as the lights from bars and tavernas dance on the water’s surface, should be pencilled into your holiday itinerary.

Although local attractions are thin on the ground, there are some well-established hiking trails available, including one to the interestingly named ‘Valley of Love’ (Kilada tou Erota). 

If you want to explore further afield, local public transport is pretty reliable or, if you have a hire car, Lefkada Town is just a 15 minute drive north, and the resort of Nidri a 20 minute drive south.

If Ligia sounds like your place to stay in Lefkada, there are several private self-catering apartments and villas available, as well as a few boutique hotels.


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