How to get from Ronald Reagan Airport to Washington DC

How to get from Ronald Reagan Airport to Washington DC

How to get from Ronald Reagan Airport to Washington DC? In this article we consider the best way to get to Washington, D.C. from the Ronald Reagan Washington National airport (DCA).

If you are looking to fly into Washington, D.C. the U.S. capital, you have two airport choices. The two airport system that services the nation’s capital includes the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and the Washington Dulles International Airport

Between the two of them, these airports deliver both international and domestic air travel service for the metropolitan Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. Almost 49 million passengers pass each year through either the Ronald Reagan National Airport or the Dulles International Airport. 

There are various names that the Ronald Reagan Airport commonly goes by. These include the Reagan National Airport, the Reagan Airport, the Washington National, or the National Airport..

Interestingly enough, the Ronald Reagan Airport serves primarily as a so-called short haul airport. Yet it provides nonstop services from Washington, D.C. to other airports found up to 1,250 miles away from the capital under the federally declared “Perimeter Rule.” 

There have been a number of federally granted exemptions to the rule in the past decades. The federal government has permitted daily flights from the Ronald Reagan Airport to a few cities outside of this perimeter.

These included Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), Seattle, Austin, and San Diego.

How to get from Ronald Reagan Airport to Washington DC

What is the primary advantage to landing at the Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) over the Dulles Airport? The Reagan Airport happens to be far more centrally located. It is located just five miles from downtown Washington D.C.

Most importantly it lies conveniently along the Washington Metro system, both the yellow and blue lines of the service. 

This makes it highly expedient for many visitors to the capital to use this airport so that the Metro service can be conveniently used to get into the nation’s capital effectively and affordably.

Aside from the Metro lines though, there are another half a dozen or so means of getting into the national capital center. These include shared transfers, private transfers, taxis, Uber or Lyft taxi alternative services, and car rentals. 

We will consider each of these transportation alternatives along with their relevant details and pros and cons in the remainder of this article.

1. Metro, cheap and fast way to get to Washington DC from the Ronald Reagan National Airport

The Metro is a cheap and fast way to get to Washington DC Downtown form the Ronald Reagan National Airport. The Metro station is right next to the terminal.

The great advantage to the Ronald Reagan National Airport is its convenient location along the Washington Metro system’s yellow and blue service lines. This airport is also far more centrally located in proximity to the capital than its rival the Washington Dulles Airport.

The Metro system is most convenient as you can use either of the two lines to get into Washington, D.C. If you are going downtown though, the Yellow line proves to be faster most of the time. 

As an example, leaving the station for the Ronald Reagan National Airport, you only have to travel four stops on this Yellow line in order to reach L’Enfant Plaza. From the L’Enfant Plaza you can change over to either the Blue, Orange, or Silver lines

The Metro is not impacted by street traffic (especially important in the rush hour) and it is inexpensive to use. Although it varies based on where you are going and when you are traveling, you will pay in the range of from $2 and $6 for every person. 

The trip to Place l’Enfant will cost you $2.15.

If you are traveling with a great amount of luggage, then this is not the best and most convenient option available to you.

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2. GO Airport, Shuttle Service from the Ronald Reagan National Airport to Washington DC

A wide variety of individual firms provide a van service from this Ronald Reagan National Airport on to various points around and in the nation’s capital. The majority of these provide shared service. 

The GO Airport Shuttle service provides a 24 hours per day, seven days per week available airport pick up or drop off service. They provide this service via either shared vans or private cars. You are also able to request a limousine service.

The good news is that they provide in advance pricing. This means that you will be fully aware of the exact price of your trip at the time you book it. 

The service provided is door to door. If you have a great amount of luggage or need direct service at a lower cost than a taki, this services is a great alternative to get Washington DC from the Ronald Reagan National Airport. 

The disadvantage is that your journey time will vary based on the passenger destinations’ order and traffic conditions.

3. Taxi, the fastest way to get to Washington DC from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)

Taxis provide a comparatively reasonably priced option to get there from the airport. Expect a taxi to Farragut Square to cost between $15 to $20. All cabs accept cash or credit card.

The taxi stands are located just outside the baggage claim area near door 2 and door 6. Just follow the signs for Ground Transportation or Taxi. 

The most convenient option and the fastest one is undoubtedly the taxi choice.

4. UBER/Lyft, cheaper than a taxi

Two increasingly popular taxi alternative services these days are Uber and Lyft. They provide on demand rides via a smartphone app. One of the great appeals of the services is that they are cashless

Your ride becomes automatically charged to your credit card that you provide at time of signup and that remains on file with the app. This is highly convenient, particularly if you are attempting to manage several pieces of luggage.

Uber and Lyft typically come up a bit less expensive than a taxi fare will. UberX ride into Washington, D.C. costs approximately from $15 to $25 depending on your final destination. On their website you are able to get an estimate for your individual trip.

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5. Private Transfers Serivces 

Another way to travel hassle free from Ronald Reagan Airport to Washington DC is via a priority reservation you make ahead of schedule on the pirvate ride service Viator.

It is available from your hotel back to the DCA airport on your return as well.

Your priority reservation means that your transportation will be waiting for you to get you conveniently, safely, and simply from the airport to your hotel or other destination in the capital.

The meeting point for your ride is found outside of the baggage claim area in the DCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

You can relax comfortably and have complete peace of mind knowing that you are on your safe way to your ultimate destination. 

All that you have to do is to sit back and take it easy as the driver transports you from Ronald Reagan Airport to Washington DC. You can count on a safe and timely ride to your final destination.

This service allows you to skip the long lines for taxi cabs at the taxi stands of Washington Reagan Airport. 

Book your private transfer service here

6. Rental Cars

The majority of the important car rental firms have hubs in the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Rental cars provide you with the freedom to comfortably visit the attractions in the D.C. area that would be harder to get to via public transport. 

Just take in mind that parking and navigating may be expensive and hard if you are staying in the downtown area of Washington, D.C.

You can compare prices for these rental cars here.

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