15 Best Beaches in Mallorca

Best Beaches in Mallorca

If your travel plans include getting to know some the of the gorgeous beaches in Mallorca, you can be certain that your vacation will be unforgettable. To help you get the most from your trips exploring the island, I’ve put together this list of 15 of the best beaches in Mallorca.

Eight million tourists from around the world can’t be wrong: This is one of the most attractive islands of the Mediterranean, and the white sands washed by crystalline water make the beaches in Mallorca truly irresistible.

15 Best Beaches in Mallorca

There are a total of 262 beaches around the island and it is difficult to rank the beaches in Mallorca; while they are all beautiful, each of them presents certain charms that will appeal to some travelers more than others.

I hope that by scratching the surface with this list of 15 of the best beaches in Mallorca, I will give you a taste of the natural wonders that await you on your visit.

1. Cala Agulla, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

Cala Agulla

What a fabulous beach to begin our list. Cala Agulla sits on the northern tip of the island’s east coast is ones of the best beaches in Mallorca.

Located just two-kilometres from the pretty medieval town of Capdepera, picturesque Cala Agulla remains largely uncommercialised save for beach beds and parasols for hire, and a couple of small beach bars, toilets, and a restaurant.

White sand Cala Agulla, is one of the many beaches in Mallorca that hold the EU blue flag for water quality, and is part of the Llevant Peninsula Nature Park. 

The beach is 500m long, and 50m at its widest point, and surrounded by low pine and oak cladded hillsides that stretch around the bay. 

Due to its protected status, there are no hotel or apartment complexes around the beach area, with the closest being Cala Lliteres, a few hundred metres inland. 

With shallow water, and lifeguards on duty through the season, the beach is suitable for all ages.

2. Formentor, one of the gloriously uncommercialised beaches in Mallorca

Cala Formentor

Another pretty, uncommercialised, blue flag beach. Formentor sits on the edge of the Formentor Peninsula, on Mallorca’s north-west coast. 

Stretching for one-kilometre around the bay, this narrow beach has a wild, rugged backdrop of the Tramuntana Mountains, with pine covered hillsides dropping almost to the water’s edge. 

A mix of smooth, waterworn rocks and sand, Formentor beach is approximately 6km from the Port of Pollensa, and one of the favourite beaches in Mallorca for those who enjoy nothing more than feeling at one with nature.

The beach has one bar/restaurant, offering a sit-down or takeaway service, or the more upmarket La Veranda Restaurant. A popular venue with celebrities back in the day; it is still an excellent choice for seafood and local dishes

For crisps, fizzy drinks, and snacks there is a beach shack, and an ice cream shop is situated by the beach entrance. 

The beach also has a good selection of water-sports including diving gear, and pedalos, canoes, and sailboats for hire, so you can explore around the bay at your own pace.

With its shallow inshore waters, and lifeguards on duty through the summer, it is a popular beach for families with young children.

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3. Sa Calobra, whether you walk, drive, or sail there, the result is well worth the effort

Cala Salobra

The Torrent de Pareis, is one of Mallorca’s most popular hiking trails

The 5km walk starts in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, and leads you through some of the island’s most spectacular scenery, before bringing you out on the north-west coast at Sa Calobra beach. One of the prettiest and best beaches in Mallorca.

A beach of two-halves, with a pleasant walk which takes you through a short natural cave tunnel separating the two, Sa Calobra is totally isolated save for a small traditional village just inland from the beach.

In the stunning Bay of Calobra, the first part of the sand and pebble beach is just 30m long, while through the tunnel, the larger beach area stretches for 100m along the bay.

If you don’t fancy a 5km hike, the beach can be accessed by bus or by car through some of the most dramatic countryside on the island. Or by boat from the Port of Sóller, the easiest of the routes.

The only facilities on either part of the beach are a couple of café/bars, no water-sports, beach beds or parasols, and because of its rocky location, it’s not really suitable for young children.

4. Muro Beach, a great beach for families

Muro Beach

If you’re looking for sand, sea, and fun for the kids, Playa de Muro, on the north-east coast of the island, could be a good choice. 

As one of the island’s biggest white sand beaches at over 6km long, it is one of the most popular child-friendly beaches in Mallorca.

Although split into four sections, they are all much of a muchness, with plenty of white sand beach area, shallow inshore waters, and lifeguards on duty. 

Sunbeds, parasols, and water-sports equipment are available for hire on most of the beach, while hotels, apartments, shops, bars, and restaurants spread along the front.

An EU blue flag beach; at the rear it is surrounded by tree covered hillsides, while the view out into the bay is a photographer’s dream. 

The town of Muro is just behind the beach, and great for everything you will need for a self-catering stay, or those knick-knacks and souvenirs to take home for friends and family.

5. Caló d´es Moro, tiny picture-perfect beach

Calo des Moro

Hidden away on the south-east tip of the island, 6km from the town of Santanyi, lies the tiny picture-perfect beach of Caló des Moro. A few years ago, this little cove would have been used just by locals. 

But the word got out, and an increasing number of foreign visitors are finding their way to this pretty, secluded gem.

Although it is well hidden, there is a dirt-track road (signposted Caló des Moro) that leads right to the clifftop, from where you have a relatively steep path down to the beach. 

Although the small, 40m long beach is a mix of white sand and large boulders, and the inshore water is quite shallow, it is this steep climb down which makes it unsuitable for little ones or the disabled.

The beach is squeezed into the back of a narrow, long, dog-leg bay, with high, sheer, vegetation and pine covered cliffs rising vertically on both sides. 

There are no facilities of any type on, or close to the beach, so a beach bag with towels, drinks, and snacks is recommended.

6. Amarador, a beach haven for the whole family

Best Beaches in Mallorca: Cala Amarador

On the south-east coast of Mallorca, and part of the Mondrago National Park, lies the beautiful S’Amarador beach. 

In the past voted in several occasions the Best Beach in Europe, this 150m long, 50m wide, rectangle of soft white sand, has lost none of its attractive charm.

With plenty of wide open space for the kids to run around, and a shallow slope into the water, it is a favourite with all ages. 

There is little in the way of water-sports, or sunbeds and parasols, but there are a couple of beach bars for refreshment and a little time out of the sun.

The surrounding landscape is one of rugged cliffs topped with dense pine and cypress forests. 

Being one of an increasing number of undeveloped beaches in Mallorca protected by a National Park, there are a good selection of cycling and hiking trails.

For those who like to explore a little of the interior and coast, there is one that you can follow around to the next beach of Cala Mondrago.

Cala d’Or is the nearest resort area, and the beach can be accessed by car or boat.

7. Cala Llombards, one of the best beaches in Mallorca

Cala Llombards

Located on the south-east of the island, Cala Llombards is another of those tiny cove type beaches in Mallorca that are deeper than they are long. 

Surrounded by tall, rugged cliffs covered with pine trees that stretch down to the sand-line, the whole area is one of majestic natural beauty.

Set in a bay the width of the beach, with tree clad cliffs rising from the depths on both sides, the view of the landscape as you approach up the Cala Llombards Bay by boat is impressive indeed. 

Although the beach is just 55m wide, it pushes back into the treeline for over 150m.

There are no water-sport facilities, but sunbeds and parasols are available, and the beach has one small beach bar. If you’re taking the kids, a bag with a few of their favourite snacks and drinks would be a good idea.

There are a number of walking and cycling trails from the beach, including one which will take you along to the nearest resort of Cala Santanyi, and goes past a famous Mallorcan landmark called Es Pontàs. 

Es Pontàs is a massive rock which has, over millions of years, been hewn away by the elements, to resemble a large bridge in the sea. 

The beach can be reached by car along the Cala Santanyi road, but there is no public transport which runs to the area.

8. Cala Mondrago, family friendly with good disability access

Cala Mondrago

Another pretty cove beach on the south-east of the island, Cala Mondrago is a blue flag beach around 10km from the resort of Santanyi, and close to S’Amarador beach. 

In 1992, the beach, and its surrounding area, were designated a Natural Park, to minimise development and over commercialisation of the area.

Cala Mondrago is a pleasant white-sand beach 75m long and 60m wide to the waterline, and enclosed by rocky groynes at either end. With its shallow inshore waters, and a duty lifeguard through high season, it is a safe beach for younger children. 

The backdrop is one of sand dunes, pine forests, and succulents, with plenty of well-worn paths to explore the interior and along the coast.

Tourist facilities are limited to toilets and showers, a bar/cafeteria, and one restaurant. Beach beds and parasols are available to hire, but water-sports are limited to snorkelling, paddle-boarding, and kayaking.

Although the beach is easily reached by car, with a car park to the rear of the beach, no public transport routes to this area. The beach has good disability access, although facilities are minimal.

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9. Es Trenc, one of the most famous beaches in Mallorca

Es Trenc

Located in the south of the island, between the resort town of Colonia San Jordi, and the town of Ses Covetes, Es Trenc is one of Mallorca’s most famous beaches. 

In part due to its proximity to the island’s salt flats (Ses Salines), and the gorge near the town of Sa Rapita, but also because of its natural beauty.

The fine white sand beach stretches for 2km along the coast. With a backdrop of pine and cactus covered sand dunes, and the most turquoise blue waters you’ll find around the island, you could be soaking up the rays on some deserted Caribbean hideaway.

Its shallow inshore waters, and plenty of space to run about in make it ideal for families with young children.

The locals fight tirelessly to block any commercialisation of this beautiful area, and the only concessions have been sunbeds and parasols for hire, and a couple of small café/bars along the front. 

With this in mind, a few extra snacks, nibbles, and drinks in a cool box are a good idea. It can also get very hot, with very little shade from the relentless sun, so pack a few extra towels to cover heads and shoulders in the heat of the day.

10. Cala Varques, difficult to get to but worth the effort

Cala Varques

If your idea of a day on the beach is to park the car and stroll onto the sand, then perhaps Cala Varques is not the beach to choose but is one of the best beaches in Mallorca to visit.

Located on the south-east coast, 13km from Manacor and between the resort towns of Porto Cristo and Portocolom, this 70m long, sandy beach, remains just as nature intended.

A pretty cove beach more suitable for adults than younger children, Cala Varques was popular back in Mallorca’s hippy days, and many visitors return to see if it has changed. It hasn’t. 

Both sides of the bay are a mix of rugged, rocky caves, and clifftops topped with local vegetation and pine trees.

Part of the Cales Verges de Manacor nature reserve, the beach is totally free of development. No sunbeds, parasols, bars, snack-shacks, toilets, or lifeguards.

You can get close by car, but when you leave the main road you have a 15km drive down very unkempt local road. Then, when you’ve parked the car, a 15 minute walk through pine forests to access the beach. 

Nonetheless, for those who enjoy a challenge, what awaits you is a great place to unwind, chill-out, and enjoy the vibe. Don’t forget the cool-box.

11. Cala Millor, a purpose built resort for the whole family

Cala Millor

From tiny cove beaches for the adventurous, to a purpose built resort for the whole family. Cala Millor lies on the east coast of Mallorca, with a history that goes back to the early 1960s. Since then, as tourist numbers have increased, so too has Cala Millor.

With a pristine, two-kilometre long, 35m wide stretch of white sand, and the blue Mediterranean Sea, Cala Millor has everything you would expect of a popular resort beach. 

Sunbeds, parasols, lifeguards, and a whole range of water-sports on the beach. Shops, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants along the front, and lines of hotels and apartment complexes at the rear.

If you want a little time away from the beach, Cala Millor Town can supply all your self-catering needs, plus those quirky mementos and souvenirs to take home. 

If pearls are your thing, pay a visit to the nearby town of Manacor for them, and other unique locally made products. 

Elsewhere you can get out to the local nature reserves, and explore along the coastal walks. Whatever your personal holiday preferences, you should be able to find them at Cala Millor.

12. Cala Mesquida, a large natural beach for all

Cala Mesquida

Set amongst tree covered sand dunes on Mallorca’s north-east coast, the pretty, 100m wide, white sand beach of Cala Mesquida, stretches 350m around the bay. 

Located in one of Mallorca’s ‘areas of special interest’, it is pleasantly uncommercialised, with the nearest village Capdepera, being seven-kilometres away, and the nearest town, Artá, 15-kilometres away.

Facilities are minimal, but adequate for most. Sunbeds and parasols are available, and there is one beach bar and a restaurant to cater for the basics. 

If you walk to the west end of the beach, you will find a few more shops, bars, and eateries. Water-sports consist of diving and snorkelling, and peddle-boats for hire. 

Nature lovers can explore the bird species that live amongst the dunes and woods to the east end of the beach, which is also a designated area for naturists.

The beach is very open, so in the right conditions, the wind can start to whip up larger breakers rolling onto the beach. Lifeguards are on duty through the season.

Free parking is available around 200m from the beach entrance, or regular bus services are available from the towns of Cala Ratjada and Capdepera.

13. Alcudia Beach, the largest beach in Mallorca

Beaches in Mallorca: Alcudia Beach

Situated on the island’s north coast, and one of the most popular beaches in Mallorca, Playa de Alcudia is an impressive blue flag, soft white sand beach some 7km long, 100m wide, and stretching from the Port d’Alcudia up to Playa de Muro.

With palm trees growing on the beach, calm, shallow turquoise waters, and groves of cypress shading the walkway, it is popular with all ages, especially families. 

In front of the hotels and apartment blocks, shops, businesses, bars, and local and international restaurants cater for your every need. Compared to many beaches in Mallorca, it is reasonably disabled-friendly.

Along the beach front you will find more shops, bars, and eateries. The beach has a full range of all water-sports, and beach volleyball courts are marked-out in the sand. 

Boat trips are available from the port, or you can hire peddle-boats, dinghies, and kayaks.

As you would expect it is a very busy beach during high season, but if you head toward the Playa de Muro end, the beach does get quieter. A popular package resort for a great holiday.

14. Cala D´Or, an attractive little cove and resort area

Cala d´Or

Cala d’Or translates into English as ‘Golden Bay’. Situated on the east coast of the island, the area of Cala d’Or, and the beach of the same name, receives more sunshine hours than other areas of Mallorca, due to its distance from the Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

Cala d’Or is also a pleasant resort area, which includes a number of these pretty little bays with their white sand beaches and rugged steep cliffs. To help you get about, a small mini-train connects them all. 

All you have to do is enjoy the train ride, and tick-off any you think worthy of further investigation.

The marina area of Cala d’Or beach has a good selection of bars, restaurants, and beach shops, as has the town centre.

If you have a hire car, and want a little respite from the sun, sand, and sea, there are a couple of other attractions nearby. Santueri Castle for views across the coast, or the 14th century monastery, Sanctuary of Sant Salvador.

This is a pretty little beach and resort area, with development limited to Ibiza style low-rise complexes and attractive unspoilt coves. It is popular with young and young-at-heart couples, and families.

15. Canyamel, a pleasant, quiet beach resort, for those unwind holidays


Sitting on the north-east coast of the island, white sand Canyamel beach sits between the resorts of Cala Ratjada and Cala Millor, and is around an hour’s transfer time from Palma de Mallorca airport.

One of the most popular beaches in Mallorca for those get away from it all holidays. It is a beach and resort which always seems busy, but never over-crowded. 

The 290m long, 80m wide beach offers all the usual facilities of sunbeds and parasols, toilets and showers, and a beach bar.

Water-sport options are limited to pedalo hire, with diving and sailing popular options with the locals. With plenty of open sand, shallow water and a lifeguard on duty through the season, it is a popular beach with young families.

Palm trees grow along the beach, and the backdrop of pine and cypress clad hillsides is broken up by Canyamel town, and apartment blocks and boutique hotels. 

The town has plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants to keep you well fed and watered throughout your stay.

For those who enjoy a little more activity, there is an 18 hole golf course and a number of municipal tennis courts close by. All in all, the resort offers everything you need for the whole family to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you so much for the increadible tips. It is the best article I have read about Mallorca.
    I am planning to go with my husband for one week middle of June and he is not someone who likes to spend his vacations exploring many places. Instead of, he loves to enjoy a good hotel at the beach. Then, I am looking for a place with a beach structure to spend the day where can drink and eat something while enjoying the sun. For the night we would like to discover a small dowtown with some stores and local restraurantes for a dinner. We will probably rent a car.
    I would really appreciate for your advise about the best places to stay in. Thank you so much in advance!

    • Hi Sharon. Port d´Alcudia is a great place to stay in Mallorca for what you are looking for. Other nice areas are Port de Pollenca and Colonia de Sant Jordi.

  2. Hey,

    This post is awesome! I have just stumble upon your website as I am doing my research for holiday and I must say many thanks for all the details, it is beyond helpful! However, I might need advise as a person who is not so decisive.. Boyfriend and I would like to visit Mallorca in September as we are hoping that it will be less crowded. Hoping the weather will be still nice, as water for sure will remain warm enough. We are relatively young couple, but boring one hahaha (27yrs). The nightlife and a lot of noise is not something we are looking for, but rather exploring beaches and natural hidden gems while relaxing, reading books and catching some sun. We are planning a vacation for around 2 weeks, and the hardest thing at this point is to choose where to locate ourselves in order to not spend too much time driving to the beaches. Let’s say around 30-45min is ideal. So, if we put on the list beaches that are more on the north/west seaside like Formentor,Sa Calobra, Alcudia, Agulla, Mesquida, Muro and also it would be great to check out Soller as it is such a charm old city ,as well as Sant Jordi, Cala D’ Or, Es Trenc, Calla Pi, Mondrago, Millor and LIombards from the point of east/south side, what place would be the best to stay to make it easy to reach majority of the mentioned locations, as I am supposing that it is not possible to teleport on all of them within those 14 days hahaha.. My initial though was Alcudia, but I am not sure how practical it is.. Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Jalena. Alcudia is a nice choice. You can explore all those places if you rent a car. There is a Highway that makes easy and fast to drive from North to South

  3. Hi. My partner and I (in our ,60s) are coming for a long weekend in December as we are considering buying a holiday home. The availability so far has been for Portals, Cala Millor, Cala D’Or, Puerto Cristo and. Port de Soller. Although we enjoy walking along beaches we still like live music and dancing – soul, jive and salsa. We will have a car. Where would you recommend as I believe the south of the island will be warmer?

    • Hi Wendy. In winter I would recommend to stay in Palma. Portals seems to me the best choice. Cala Millor, Cala d´Or and Puerto Cristo are pretty dead in winter. I would visit Port de Soller in a 1 day excursion but not stay there in December.


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